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As we spring our clocks ahead, our minds begin to fill with thoughts of the warm weather that lies ahead. Our yards will soon be in need of much TLC after a long, harsh winter. Spring break trips are being planned as well as longer summer vacations. For the cooped up action sports fan, warm weather means more chances to get out and enjoy their favorite sports.  From surfing to mountain biking and motocross, the warm weather provides the perfect climate to get the adrenalin pumping.  Here are three sports sure to make your summer fly.


Big Wave SurfingSurfing has become increasingly popular in the United States, and surfers can be found riding waves up and down both coasts at all times during the year.  Despite the fact that surfers will brave the waves during the colder months, summer is when the sport really thrives.  People are more likely to enjoy “hanging-ten” when the cool water provides some relief from the heat, rather than a shock to the system.

Mountain Biking

There is perhaps no better way to enjoy the coming warm weather then with some extended time on the mountain. Whether you want to go for a hike or you prefer something a little more challenging, the mountains offer a little something for everyone.  Mountain biking is a sport that can be enjoyed by yourself or with your family and friends. Grab your bike, safety equipment, water bottle and snacks and hit the trails. There is nothing like the thrill that comes with barreling down a mountain full-force on your bike.  If you are looking for something a little less extreme, there are plenty of trails suited for a relaxing and scenic ride.


MotocrossMotocross racing is another heart-pounding activity that can be carried out year round. However, if you would like to ride in the great outdoors, the warm weather is the best time of year. Participants in this sport need to be especially aware of the gear they choose to protect themselves during an event. Motocross pants, boots and goggles are just some of the equipment needed to keep riders safe.  The warm weather is also a great time to work on your bike outside.  There’s nothing like installing new motocross parts or giving your bike a tune-up while taking in some fresh air.

Warm weather means a chance to once again enjoy the outdoors. Find your preferred level of activity and go enjoy the sunshine!

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Alyssa Golden is an avid blogger always looking to share her experiences and recommendations. She loves to travel, hike and surf. You can follow her on Twitter @madeofGolden.

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