The Sports Archives – Playing In The Mud!

Mud Bogging

The idea of playing in the mud is something that has entertained many of us since we were young children. While we may have been punished or even grounded for getting dirty back then, the picture is much brighter as we get older. Young adults and those who enjoy the feeling of getting dirty while participating in outdoor activities can now turn to the sport of mudding as a release.

What is mudding?

Mudding is known by several different names depending on where you are located. You may have also heard the terms mud bogging, mud slinging or mud racing.

Who can compete?

Mudding is a sport open to anyone who likes to get dirty. As long as you are legally able to operate your chosen vehicle, the course is open to you. Men and women are both welcome to join.

Motorcycle MuddingWhat equipment do I need to compete?

The equipment required for you to compete is largely dependent upon what type of vehicle you will be using.

If you are using All Terrain Vehicles, your list will include ATV mud tires. You will also need a snorkel kit especially if you plan on running in deeper mud or water. A winch is also another good investment.

If getting your truck dirty is your ultimate goal, then keep these items in mind as you prepare.  You will need to lift your truck. You will also need to purchase mud tires, as well as a roll cage to ensure your safety.

Mudding for fun

Mudding is one sport that does not always need to be approached from a competitive prospective. Instead, you can enjoy it just for fun by yourself or with family and friends.  When mudding for fun, the same equipment list as above will apply to your vehicle. However, the location of this event does not need to be a sanctioned track, but rather just about anywhere you can think of.

Note: If you have any doubts about having access to the property you intend to go mudding on, contact the owner to ensure that you have permission prior to setting off on your adventure.

Mudding for competition

Competitive mud racing can be fun for drivers and spectators alike. Check your local paper or contact your local track to inquire about the time and date of the next event.

Mudding is a sport that everyone can enjoy. In order to make sure you put your best out there, consider using Dodge auto parts on your vehicle of choice.

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