The Sports Archives – The 10 Commandments Of Surfing

  1. Don’t Drop In

One wave, one surfer. When you paddle for a wave, always look inside before you take off, just in case someone else caught it before you.

  1. The Surfer on the Inside has the Right of Way

Once a surfer is up and riding on the inside, he has the right of way.

  1. Wait Your Turn

If someone has been waiting longer than you, they have first choice for the next wave. At a pointbreak, the surfer who has been waiting longest usually paddles closest to the first possible take-off spot, which is called “the inside” of the wave. On a beach break he/she waits their turn at “the peak”.

  1. Don’t Snake

If someone’s already paddling for a wave and it’s their turn, don’t paddle inside them and try to claim the wave out of turn. That’s called “snaking”.

  1. Don’t Paddle Out Through the Break

Do not paddle out through the line-up or where the breaking area/impact zone of the waves are. By paddling around the breaking or surfable part of the wave, you will not interfere with another surfers ride.

  1. Don’t Hog The Waves

Don’t try to catch every single wave that comes through. You will only create animosity amongst the others in the line-up and will be seen as a wave pig or hog.

  1. Communicate

In case you are one of two surfers sitting in the middle of the peak and the wave opens to both sides, you should tell the other surfer if you are going right or left.

  1. Keep Control of Your Equipment

Never attempt a maneuver that will cause you to land or smash into someone else and always keep an eye on crew paddling out.

  1. Check Your Equipment

Always check that your equipment is in good shape. Try and get all dings (damage) fixed on your surfboard that has fiberglass protruding to avoid damage to yourself and others.

  1. Respect the Beach and the Ocean

Never leave garbage in the sand and water and respect all sea creatures.

The Infographic below adds more about Surfing lingo and is brought to you by

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