The Sports Archives – The Top Surfing Destinations In The World!

  1. The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Your limit.  This is the home to many surfing professionals so don’t get carried away with your abilities as a surfer if you’re still relatively new to the sport.

The North Shore of Oahu offers a seven-mile stretch of perhaps the very best waves in the world.  Between Ka’ena Point and Kahuku Point are breaks such as the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay.  The surfing pros hit town during the winter season and the place really comes alive with surfing’s prestigious Triple Crown contest, being held here annually in December.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Can get crowded in peak season and certain spots like Uluwatu can be dangerous if you’re and inexperienced surfer.

Bali is a paradise for surfers and the surrounding islands have some great surfing beaches too.  Keramas beach is a popular spot for advanced surfers – it has an excellent reefbreak and offers constant waves and a big swell.  While Kuta beach is favored by those new to surfing with tamer conditions.

  1. The Gold Coast, Australia

This is a busy spot for surfing; there’s 500,000 plus locals vying for waves – and that’s not counting visiting surfers.

The Gold Coast boasts 57 kilometers of pristine coastline that’s home to some of the best surf breaks in the world – like the Superbank that stretches from Snapper Heads to Greenmount and Burleigh Point – probably the world’s best right-hand point break.

  1. Hossegor, France

The language – if you don’t speak French, you may not get as welcoming a vibe as others who do.

This surfing spot has been dubbed the “surfing capital of Europe” and people come from miles around to watch the pros ride tubes here.  Winters can be cold here and can provide some dangerous surfing conditions with massive storm swells slamming the beaches on a weekly basis.

  1. Easter Cape, South Africa

Cold Water and heavy waves to be expected.

South Africa’s coastline is defined by a series of points and bays and it has loads to offer surfers.  In particular, Jeffreys Bay is a top destination and boasts long fast barrels, magna tubes, and even super tubes.

  1. Sligo, Ireland

Cold water and harsh weather conditions.

Ireland, known among surfers as “Europe’s cold-water Indonesia”, has become a mecca for surfers over the past 10 years, boasting big waves and beautiful surroundings.  Of course, you will have to come prepared for the harsh weather conditions and expect rain – plenty of it – but if you’re truly passionate about surfing, you’ll appreciate what the Emerald Eye and especially Sligo, has to offer.

Read more about these destinations and what the experts say on the below infographic brought to you by Total Surfing Fitness.

Total Surfing Fitness IG August final

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