The Sports Archives – 21 Football (Soccer) Hell Raisers!

Over the 50 years we have seen some absolute crazy footballers whose contribution to the game is still something often spoken about. It was tough but this infographic contains information about 21 football Hell Raisers.

Read about “El Loco” Rene Higuita and jailbird Frank McAvennie.  George Best, who gave up women and alcohol and then when on to say that it was the worst 20 minutes of his life!  Let’s not forget the drug problems of Diego Maradona and Robin Friday;  the anger  management issues of Joey Barton, Mario Balotelli and Roy Keane.    There are the alcoholics, the criminals, the animals, the womanizers and there is downright crazy Luis Suarez who likes to bite his opponents when they are not looking!

Read about it in this infographic brought to you by The Stonk:

fotball hell raisers infographic

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