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Sports fans around the world that follow one or more sports all have their own set of favourite teams that they show allegiance to. These fans purchase merchandise that represents their favourite teams and they attend sporting events and competitions whenever possible to see their preferred teams play in person. Fans can become quite dedicated, putting their hearts into the game and really praying that their teams win. When their teams do win, they’re overjoyed and overcome with emotion, but when their teams lose, fanatical sports lovers can become deeply depressed or violently angry.

With all of the dedicated sports fans around the globe, it is no wonder, therefore, that there are many teams that are the wealthiest of all. These teams are rich and popular because they have the best track records. They have proven themselves to be star athletes throughout the years, and even if their rosters change, they still continue to perform well and win games and tournaments.

Despite football consisting of so many teams around the world, there are sports teams that regularly do well in terms of monetary earnings. Their merchandise always sells and tickets to their games are expensive yet almost always sell out as well. One of the main reasons for their success is the fact that they are popular not only in their hometowns but also in other parts of their countries as well. And if Europeans move from their home country to another, they will often continue to follow their native teams anyway, maintaining their loyalty to their favourite players and the teams on a whole.

Take a look below to see which football teams are the wealthiest in the world.

Real Madrid LogoReal Madrid

Real Madrid, a football team from Spain, is the wealthiest football team in the world, overtaking Manchester United, who used to hold the title. Despite Spain’s economic woes in recent years, this team has been able to bring in plenty of revenue to stay on top as one of the richest teams in the world.

Manchester United

Manchester United CrestNo list of popular sports teams with the most money would be complete without mentioning The Red Devils of Manchester United. Years pass, but this team continues to remain at the top of the football league and one of the most formidable teams in the world. It is no surprise that fans from around the world follow Manchester United and are willing to pay top dollar to see any event this team plays in.


BarcelonaYet another Spanish football team that is one of the wealthiest in the world is Barcelona. This team is one of the major rivals of Real Madrid because they, too, are a powerful group of talented football players that regularly wins difficult matches and pleases its core group of fans.

Arsenal LogoArsenal

Another English team that regularly brings in plenty of revenue every year to be considered one of the richest teams in the world of football is Arsenal, thanks to crowds that flock to every match.

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