The Sports Archives – Choosing The Right Motorcycle Saddlebag!

You need to trust motorcycle luggage experts to choose the right select of saddlebags. While shopping for motorcycle saddlebags, you’ll come across many options that make it difficult to make the correct choice. We’ve broken all of these options down into five simple questions. First, does your bike have an exposed shock? Second, how much storage space do you need. We offer size options from small to extra-large. Third, do you want a plain or a studded pair of bags? How about buckles? Fourth, what type of mounting would you like your saddlebags to have? Fifth, do you want your saddlebag to be lockable? After answering these few questions you have now filtered down your search and are ready to select your design.  After that, you are good to go, or should we say roll!

There are 5 main things you need to consider when ordering your saddlebags:

1. Type of Saddlebags:

  • – Shock Cut-Out
  • – No Shock Cut-Out

2. Capacity of Saddlebags:

  • – Small
  • – Medium
  • – Large
  • – Extra Large

3. Style of Saddlebags:

  • – Plain vs. Studded
  • – Buckles vs. No Buckles

4. What Type of Mounting is Offered?:

  • – Throw-Over
  • – Hard-Mount
  • – Quick Disconnect System

5. Are They Lockable?:

  • – Padlock
  • – Keylock

Viking Bags have created a new info-graphic to assist Motorcycle riders for choosing the best saddlebags for their specific need and type of Motorcycle. Viking Bags are experts in Motorcycle Luggage, like Street, Cruiser and Sports motorcycle luggage.

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How To Choose Motorcycle Saddlebags

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