The Sports Archives – What to Buy Your Golfer this Holiday Season!

Golf Club and Golf Ball

Thinking of what presents to buy for the holidays can be just as stressful as the actual purchasing process. One of the best things to get someone, though, is new golf gear. If they aren’t much of a golfer, it’s a great chance for them to start. If they are a casual golfer, this will help get them back on the course and enjoy their free time.

There are plenty of great gifts to buy your golfer that can help him/her improve his/her game. Getting them something involved with golf will help increase their motivation to get out on the course and practice as well. Here are some gifts that your golfer will love to receive this holiday season.

Golf Club Covers

New golf club covers can make people feel much more confident as a golfer. They don’t actually help their game, but they help them look better. If they look good, it will affect their confidence, and in turn help them play better. Club covers help them express themselves on the course too. It’s something that can completely set your golfer apart from the other golfers, and it gives their clubs an identity. Get covers of their favorite sports team, animal or color, and they’ll be looking sharp on their next trip to the course.

New Clubs

This is the ultimate gift for any golfer. Even if they don’t need a new complete set, getting them an extra iron, a new putter or a better driver will certainly make any golfer’s holiday a memorable one. As soon as the weather warms up, they’re sure to hit the driving range and putting green to try out their new clubs, and they’ll golf a round of 18 as soon as they get a hang of them. Find out which brand your golfer likes, which clubs they need and it will be the perfect gift.

Chocolate Golf Balls

This is a fun gift for chocolate loving golfers, that is a perfect fit for the holidays. These are cheap, tasty and it can be funny to see the golfer’s reaction when they realize what they received. They might not be real golf balls, but they might last longer with the way your golfer slices the ball off the tee and into the water.

Real Golf Balls

While the chocolate golf balls might be good for a gag gift, a real golfer might appreciate getting a new set of golf balls. You can find out what the strengths of your golfer are, and get him/her a set that will play to those strengths. Getting name brand golf balls is always a plus, too. It helps them to make a statement, and it will even improve their golf game.

Golf Clothes

New golf swag is sure to get your golfer out on the course and show off their new threads. Get them some new Nike, Titleist, Ping or other golf gear and they will be feeling very good about themselves the next time they go golfing. You can get them things that color coordinate with their clothes, their golf bag, or their golf clubs. Or you could just get them a bright orange outfit like Rickie Fowler.

Golf Bag

Your golfer is going to need a place to store all of the stuff that you’re getting them for the holidays, right? Getting them a new golf bag is exactly what they need. Get them a bag that matches the brand of the clubs and/or golf balls that you got them, and your golfer will be the sharpest looking person on the golf course.

There are plenty of things that your golfer would love to receive this holiday season. Getting them anything related to golf is a good idea, whether it’s something they didn’t have before, or an upgrade on some old equipment. Look for some good golf deals online and in stores, and make sure to get your golfer what they want.

Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer and golf analyst who writes for BleacherReport and is in constant search of the next great course. He’s still trying to convince his wife to let him install a putting green in his backyard.

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