The Sports Archives – Athletics for the Non-competitive Types!

Sports are a great way to stay active and to not get bored with an exercise routine, but for those who are not competitive when it comes to sports, it can be intimidating to get out there and play. Fortunately, not all sports are about heavy competition and a team depending on you. For those of you stressed out by competitive sports, here are some sports to try that will leave you safe and comfortable.


SwimmingUnless you are on a swim team, swimming is generally calming and non-competitive. Try joining a group who simply get together to swim some laps or do water aerobics. Eventually, you may feel competent enough in the water to participate in a few mildly competitive games or races. Until then though, go at your own pace and focus on being healthy.


Once again, unless you are on a team that does races, biking is an easy sport to do solo or with a group of friends. Get a bike you are comfortable with and find a fairly easy trail to go ride on two to three times a week. Biking allows you to go at your own pace and get strong legs without the pressure to perform.


Golfing is generally about beating yourself. If you start out with a terrible score, it affects no one, and you can only improve from there. Golf is generally considered an art form and requires using discipline more than a particularly strong muscle group. Golf also offers an array of tools and training equipment to help people improve who find it just doesn’t come naturally to them. Most importantly, if you choose to walk the green, rather than ride it, you will be getting plenty of exercise.Couple Dancing


While dancing does have competitions, it is not requisite for beginning dancers to go out and compete. Instead, take a dance class or two that go at a pace you are comfortable with. If you are interested in ballroom dance, take a friend or husband who is at about the same speed as you. Once you have learned enough to dance on your own, go to dance clubs and have fun showing off your moves.


Not only is yoga an individual sports with no set expectations or goals, yoga also discourages any kind of competition or pushing your body to do certain things. Try a yoga gym or do it at home, but keep it up to strengthen muscles, improve digestion and reduce stress.

Christina Sanders writes for several blogs nationwide. For more information about golf alignment aids, visit here.

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