The Sports Archives – Lance Armstrong Continues Winter Triathlon Events Despite Controversy!

Lance Armstrong DopingThe recent furore surrounding Lance Armstrong and allegations of doping have not stopped the athlete from competing in triathlon events for cancer. As anyone that has been following the news of late will be well aware, the testicular cancer survivor was stripped of his seven Tour De France titles this week after being found guilty of consuming and distributing performance enhancing drugs. That said, his appetite for competition does not seem to have been quelled by the accusations being thrown his way.

Raising money for cancer charities

Although retired from his beloved road cycling, the forty-one year old is still in remarkable shape and is still excelling in sports such as winter triathlon events while raising money for cancer charities – a cause that is unsurprisingly close to his heart.

World Anti-Doping Agency

One such event was a triathlon that allowed Armstrong to compete despite his impending charges, causing two competitors to pull out in protest. The organisers thought it best to allow the celebrity to partake in the event in order to raise extra cash for their extremely worthwhile cause. Armstrong is banned from any events that follow World Anti-Doping Agency rules as he decided against challenging the USADA’s charges of doping.

Commitment to cancer

The Texan, sometimes referred to as ‘The Boss’, finished the winter triathlon event in 4 hours, 16 minutes accompanying 50 fellow cancer survivors. It seems that regardless of any drug charges he may be facing, Armstrong is still taking his commitment to cancer sufferers very seriously.

£62,000 raised for Ulman Cancer Fund

The triathlon race results will obviously not count toward any national rankings although college competitors are still able to use the race as a national qualifier event. An estimated £62,000 in proceeds from the event will benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund helping to support sufferers and continue to look for the very best treatment.

Triathlon Events around the world

Sports Tours International offers triathlon events around the globe, such as the Ironman Lanzarote, Abu Dhabi International Triathlon and the Virgin Active London Triathlon. As well as this, there is a plethora of warm weather camps at the Club La Santa, Lanzarote which can be seen by examining the training section on the website. Anyone interested in such triathlon events is encouraged to visit the site today or alternatively, call +44161 820 1710 to make a booking.

Written by James Gavin a keen sportsman, fitness fanatic and blogger.

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