The Sports Archives – Sports You’ve Got To Try In Lockdown

Lockdown has arrived and sports everywhere are being cancelled. Well, outdoor and team sports are being cancelled, anyway! Those who love to play sports or meet up for wrestling and boxing matches are chomping at the bit to get back out there and exercise, and it’s a little limited when you’re stuck in your living room.

With professional sports cancelled, group sports are following suit and desperate times call for desperate measures. Social isolation gets harder now, and while there are many sports like ballet and kung fu that are moving to online classes, there are other sports that you should try right now. Get your online buddies together and work to schedule online workouts and classes so that none of you miss out and you can all still have fun together. This helps you to learn and keeps the social factor going – even if you can’t meet up to spar it out in the ring! So, let’s check out some of the sports that you have to try in lockdown – even just the once!


Image source: Pexels

1.Handball. have you got a hard floor and a plain wall? Great, you’re halfway there. You may have heard of football, but handball works to pat the ball with your palm so that it bounces against the wall. It’s a good game to play alone and you can set yourself personal bests to beat time and time again. You can do this one outside against the side of the house for a better bounce.

2. Boxing. You definitely will prefer to do this with a group of people to actually hit, but you can shadow box at home. There are plenty of workouts that allow for boxing against the air or against a punching bag. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that involve boxing are also available online!

3. Ballet. Okay, so a slower “sport” but still an intense one for those who love to dance. Ballet teachers are running classes and workshops online, and you will find that most ballet classes are being run despite the lockdowns from the front rooms of expert teachers.

4. Yoga. Another slower sport, yoga is going to help you to stretch and move better despite the isolation. Yoga gives you the chance to learn a little more flexibility and work to strengthen your core. Not only that, but yoga has some excellent results with keeping you calm and helping your mental health, which you absolutely need with lockdown.

5. Virtual Sports. Do you have a games console? There are many games on there that you can try like tennis and golf, and you can do these sports from the comfort of your home even when you cannot get out on the green or the pitch and play with other people. 

Sports in lockdown may be a little difficult, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a new skill and work your body doing something entirely new. Lockdown may not allow you to get out and play sports with friends in person, but that’s what Skype is for!


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