The Sports Archives – Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Athlete

Do you have a football-mad friend or a budding athlete in the family? This Christmas, surprise that person who never stops moving with a gift you know they will love and that will see hours upon hours of use.

For Footballers

Footballers will appreciate any gifts related to the game. For the tactically minded or budding coaches – a tactic board, whiteboard or magnetic with pieces, will do the trick. FIFA 21 is sure to delight the gamers and will keep them occupied, especially while staying at home is the norm.

For the football fans, tickets to see their team play will never go amiss. Tickets to the big games might be difficult to source at the moment, but setting money aside or even watching local league games could be a thoughtful alternative.  

Photo by Mike from Pexels

soccer field

For Golfers

For the keen golfers, these putter covers come in a range of designs. A putter cover is sure to add zest to their play and protect their equipment in the meantime. Besides a gift, golfing tips might lift their festive spirit and make for interesting conversation. Send them links to golfing articles, like the top 100 US golf courses, or perhaps give them a book about a golfing champion.

Photo by alleksana from Pexels

Golf Course

For Dancers

Serious dancers are high-energy and graceful, and therefore need the equipment to suit their busy lifestyle. A sleek, reusable water bottle is a useful gift and can be personalised or designed to suit particular tastes.

For something more sentimental, beautiful figurines and jewelry that showcase dancers are the perfect gift for ballerinas, dancing queens and kings. Try Willow Tree for bespoke ornaments with extraordinary detail.

For a special someone that danced ballroom in their heyday, and potentially still watches it on TV, this is the perfect coffee mug to accompany their nostalgia.

Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels


For Swimmers

A future Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky would be thrilled by a new pair of comfortable and stylish goggles. When choosing goggles, it’s important to consider where they swim usually, and if they swim competitively. Some goggles are best suited to pools while others are great for open water. For the tech-savvy swimmers, ‘smart’ swim goggles display split times, distance swam, and even your heart-rate.

For Tennis players

The perfect gift for an avid tennis player is a new racket, that’s a given. To go with that racket, why not give them a personalised tennis ball? It’s not only a thoughtful present, but it will see some action on the court.

Any fashion icons that love tennis will appreciate a crisp, white tennis skirt or dress for those summer games. There’s nothing wrong with being sporty and fabulous at the same time.

For Runners

If you aren’t ready to splash out on a Fitbit or Apple Watch, a handy gift for a runner is an armband to store their phone or music device. That way, they don’t have to carry a sweaty phone or store it in a pocket where it might fall out.


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