The Sports Archives – 5 Ways To Make Your Sports Training More Effective

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Health is wealth, isn’t it? The healthier we are the better we feel, and in the end it is our health that is the most valuable asset we have. Why then is it so hard to get motivated for a run after work or a trip to the gym two or three times a week? A large part of the issue is convenience. When we’re out on the track it may be great, and we may love that post workout buzz but somehow getting out there is the challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the things that make exercising easier to face and more convenient. 


We could all do with exercising a bit more often but sometimes it’s hard to fit into a busy lifestyle or schedule. What if there was a way to combine everyday activity into a form of exercise that counted towards your daily or weekly goals. That’s the thinking behind a step counter. Set your target and and take the long way home, you’ll find that within a day you’ll altering your habits and getting fitter without much effort at all. 

Fog glasses

Do you actively avoid exercise, not because of the effort involved in physical activity but because of the inconvenience of it. Maybe you wear glasses that fog up in the gym when you start to sweat, or in the rain when you’re outside running. A great solution is the best anti fog for glasses. Simply apply product to your glasses before exercise and the special treatment will prevent water droplets from forming on the surface. It works effectively for sweat or rain. 


If you go to the gym a lot or train very hard but don’t see the results you want it might be time to consider a health supplement such as protein powder or even CBD oil. These products will accelerate your recovery time after a work out giving you a chance to work a bit harder if that’s what you want. The complete proteins contained in the powder can be very effective at strengthening the torn muscles in your recovery phase, offering you better results. 


Eighty percent of your success at anything is turning up. But motivating yourself for exercise can be hard especially if you don’t have access to the podcast or audiobook you’d like to listen to while running at the park or in the gym. Sometimes this is down to headphones or earphones that just don’t fit right, or don’t stay in when running. Think about getting neckband headphones. They are ideal for running and workout. They won’t fall off, they have great sound, and they’re wireless. 


Equally important to your comfort when running or working out is a running belt. It’s essential to have somewhere convenient, safe, and unobtrusive to store your smartphone, keys, money, perhaps running supplements of some kind. Without a good running belt your entire workout could be jeopardised by inconvenience and discomfort. 

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