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The Quarterback is a major player in football. They are the captain, and as such, they have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. Such as exercising their throwing technique to make sure when they get the ball, they can throw it with accuracy to the next player. Plus, they must be able to inspire and organize their team before and during a big game.

You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad. – Tom Brady

There are a few reasons why someone might want to see how a quarterback prepares. Firstly because they’re keen to adopt the same regime and become a fantastic quarterback themselves. Or because they’re sizing up teams and quarterbacks to determine who is most likely to win. The Chiefs Super Bowl betting saga is underway, as people gear up to choose the team they think will win one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Tom Brady is undeniably one of the greatest players of all time. No-one has witnessed anything quite like his dedication to the sport. As a result of his hard work, he has walked away with plenty of NFL, and Super Bowl MVPs, including numerous wins at the Superbowl. 

As one of the best players there is, delving into Tom Brady’s routine will give you a good idea of the lengths Quarterbacks need to go to to get ready for the NFL. Below is a rundown of what Tom Brady does to be the best he can be on the field.

Circuit Training

You push your body to the limits, but you have to train your body to deal with the limitations. Tom Brady

Here are a few of the exercises Tom undertakes during training for the season. These exercises are common among quarterbacks who want to enhance their arms strength, flexibility, and throwing technique.

  • Single-arm Dumbbell Press – To maintain strength throughout the arm. This exercise emphasizes pulling the weight towards the chest. 
  • Lunge Rotational Twist – To enhance his throw, lunge rotational twists strengthen the legs while the feet are apart and improve the torsos rotational movements for better flexibility.
  • Fire Hydrants – An excellent throw relies on the lower body just as much as the upper body. Fire hydrants stretch and strengthen the outer hips and legs.

footballsPicture by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay – CC0 Licence 

For an effective workout, the below components are just as important to Tom Brady’s regime as the circuit training itself;

Team of Experts 

Tom has two people in particular that enhance his health. Tom House, the quarterback guru, helps Brady to improve his motion and form while throwing. 

Tom’s other expert is Alex Gurrero. Alex is a specialist in Chinese medicine, ensuring Brady is fit and healthy throughout the season.

Healthy Diet

Tom, leads a healthy existence. Having an excellent diet is part of that. This step is a no-brainer for football players and aspiring players. Lots of nutritious food leads to a surge in energy and well-being. Allowing players such as Tom Brady, to give his all in an intense training session, and the NFL games.

Sports Massages

Brady also has regular sports massages. Sports massages are essential for athletes to avoid the body being in intense pain following a workout or game. Sports massages are much firmer than a massage you experience at a spa. They are dedicated to people who live highly active lives, that need to ease muscle tension, increase their body’s recovery rate, and boost relaxation.

Post Game Relaxation Method

After a game, to unwind, Tom devotes his time to fixing together challenging puzzles to take his mind off the events. Relaxation is a necessary component for quarterbacks, to maintain a healthy body and mind. And not let the events of the game get the best of them.

Time To Snooze

Tom devotes a lot of time to sleep. With a 9 pm bedtime, his body has the chance to rest and restore for the next day of exercises or a big game. Athletes who maximize their sleep are more likely to perform better at their chosen sport. Regular, quality, deep sleep increases reaction times, focus, speed, and reasoning skills. 

There’s a lot of pressure on the Quarterback to perform. They must prepare themselves mentally and physically to make sure they don’t crumble during a game. Bleacher Reports reckons that if a Quarterback fails to give an excellent performance on the field, their team is destined to fail. As above, Brady does everything in his power to ensure he performs at his best every game.

Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities. Everybody struggles in different ways. Tom Brady


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