The Sports Archives – 6 Things Every Sports Fan Should Be Able to Do

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Whether you’re a diehard Mets fan or you never miss an NBA game, there are certain things every sports fan should be able to do. If you want to up your game and enhance your rep, get up to speed now…

  1. Know your schedule

You can’t call yourself a fan if you don’t know when, where or who your team are playing. You might not be able to remember your own schedule, but you should definitely know what plans your team has got. From qualifying matches to tournament finals, you can’t plan your calendar until you know theirs.

  1. Throw a pose for the ‘Kiss Cam’

Traditionally, the ‘Kiss Cam’ prompted anyone fans to grab the person next to them (hopefully a significant other!) and pucker up if they were zoomed on to the big screen. These days, you don’t have to embrace if you find yourself on the Kiss Cam, but you better have a good pose ready if you want to bring the house down.

  1. Predict a winner

If you follow sports, and not just your own team, you should be able to predict the winner of a match or game with a relative degree of accuracy. Of course, many people think they’re a dab hand at this. Just take a look at to see how many fans are turning their predictions into sports bets. By following the season and reiterating (or repeating) what the pundits say, you can impress anyone with your knowledge!

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  1. Be autograph-ready

If you’re a season ticketholder or you try to attend as many matches as possible, you’ll want to be ready for when you run into your hero. You never know when the moment will strike, so always be prepared to ask for an autograph. Wear your team shirt, carry your foam finger, or be prepared to have your forehead adorned with the script of your favorite player.

  1. Justify bad performances

No matter how great your team is, chances are they’ll have a bad game at some point or another. Obviously, this isn’t their fault, so you’ll need to come up with a selection of reasons why your team missed the mark. Dodgy ground? Wrong selections? Unlucky away kit? Whatever you go for, say it with conviction.

  1. Have a lucky garment

You may not be on the team, but no-one can say you aren’t doing your part. From lucky socks to lucky shirts, fans around the world join forces to make sure their team wins on match day. Some people will say you’re being superstitious but, really, is it a risk you’re willing to take?

Pass It On To The Next Generation

No true sports fan gives up the chance to inspire the next generation with their devotion, whether they like it or not. If you’ve got kids, nieces, nephews, godchildren, or grandchildren, now is your chance to secure a whole new legion of fans for your one true love: your team.


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