The Sports Archives – Best Sporting Activities For A Boys Day Out

Sports are certainly not just for ‘the boys’, but an activity with little healthy competition can make a great addition to a stag party or get together. In fact, below, you will find some of the most popular sporting activities to play during a day out with the boys, or anyone else for that matter! 


Go-karting is a driving based experience that can be done either inside or outside. It entails sitting in open cage buggies and navigating around a set course as fast as possible. Seat belts are worn, and so are helmets for safety. You can opt for head to head races or timed tournaments depending on your needs and the number of people racing. 

One for the petrol heads, karting can be a lot of fun, especially if you can put all your mates in their place by winning! The good news is that even if you have never karted before, you can get some Karting Strategies for Beginners to help you stay ahead of the pack. Just imagine the look on your mates’ faces as you overtake them!!!! 


A little more sedate than karting, but no less challenging, gold can be a fantastic activity for a work get together or for a group of friends. Of course, the type of golf game you opt for will depend on the people’s levels of skill. 

For example, if you are all experienced golfers with a handicap, then a full 18 hole at one of the world’s most challenging courses is the way to go. Oh, and don’t forget the 19th hole! 

However, if your group is of more mixed abilities, a nine-hole round may be better suited. You may even wish to introduce friends that have never played golf before to the game by going to the driving range or a crazy golf session, which can also be a great deal of fun. 


What could be better than squeezing yourself into a soft plastic ball and then using your body to roll said ball around a course, to play football, or even on the water? Well, that is precisely what an afternoon of zorbing entails, and it can be a lot of fun if you do it with the right people. 

Of course, because it’s such a full-body activity, you need to pick team members and physically fit opponents and have a good sense of special awareness. Oh, don’t forget to get someone to record your day either, as looking back and laughing is one of the best things about this zany activity. 

Adventure courses 

Rope ladders, zip lines, and monkey care are all activities you can find on adventure courses—another activity with a sporting twist that can make for the best boys day out. The great thing about such a course is that you get a harness and hard hat too, so you know everyone will be able to enjoy themselves safely while pushing their personal limits of bravery and endurance at the same time. 


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