The Sports Archives – What Type of Table Do You Play Board Games On?

board games table

There are so many game tables available on the market.  Pool, foosball, ping pong, air hockey, chess, and cards are some of the most popular game tables. But all of the game tables are especially for that individual game and very costly.

Now, we are talking mostly about board game tables for indoor gaming. The board game is an enjoyable game indoors. Most of the popular board game tables are:


Chess is the most popular board game in the world. This game has 16 pieces that are of six different types.  Each piece has a unique way of moving on the board which when combined, establish a strategy for capturing the opponent’s King.  The Queen and other pieces mainly protect the King from being captured while they plan an attack on your opponent’s King.


Stratego is a board game played by two players.  It is made up a playing field of ten by ten squares.  Each player as 40 pieces that represents officers in an army. The strategy game has some rules for children and some complex ones for adults.


Monopoly is a property buying and grow your assets game. At the start of the game, everyone has the same amount of money.   Each player then takes turns rolling the dice with the goal of buying property.  If you own 3 of the same colored properties, you own a monopoly and you can collect higher rents by building houses on these properties.  Monopoly was created by Elizabeth J. Phillips (nee Magi) in 1903.  It involves the practice of real estate since the player moves around trying to pursue property and avoid paying rent.

These board games are interesting to play and very enjoyable. The board game is the most popular gaming for spending free time with your family and friends. It also helps to increase your mental ability. 

What kinds of tables are suitable for those board games in your house? There are lots of solutions.

You can buy a table on the market for your board game. If you don’t want to buy another game table for your house, you can use an available dining or small coffee table.

Normally I use whatever table is available in the room. Basically, this is a standard dining room table. In that case, for board gaming, we need to ensure the table chair has a good enough height.   We need space for drinks and snacks.  Sometimes a person doesn’t have enough room space for a big table.  In which case a small table like a knee-high coffee table can come in handy.

Another thing to do if there are no tables available, is to set up the game on the floor.  It’s a lot of fun and a great solution. You can do it anywhere – whatever you want to play!

So what type of table do you play board games on? Comment below..!

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