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HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a training method in which you alternate between very high intensity and low-intensity periods or passive rest. For example, sprinting or pushing sleds for a 100m and then walking back is a type of HIIT complex.

How this method can help You to lose weight and burn extra fat in your training? The answers are in the following paragraphs.

HIIT or Long-lasting aerobic training?

HIIT has become a popular fat loss training method after a series of weight loss training studies have been published. They how that HIIT is more efficient when it comes to losing weight and burning fat compared to cyclic aerobic training. Also, increased oxygen consumption is higher in HIIT training compared to aerobic exercises.

Professor Tabata is a “father” of modern HIIT training. In several studies, he proved interval training advantages. His protocol takes 4 minutes to be done. It consists of 8 intervals in which you alternate between 20 seconds of maximum work and 10 seconds of passive rest. On the other hand, older literature promoted 60+ minutes lasting fat burning routines at 50-70% of your maximum effort zone.

The main reason for this is the assumption that after 20 minutes of workout your body starts to use fats as a training fuel. The key thing here is a wider picture. When it comes to fat-burning effect you need to think of after-training effects, not just the pure energy consumption during your weight loss workout.

Prolonged metabolism activity is a number 1 reason why HIIT training burns a greater amount of fat compared to cyclic aerobic exercises. Also, it won’t lead you to a catabolic state and all of those muscles you have built with numerous repetitions will be preserved.

HIIT training advantages

Time is a key factor here. With HIIT you will achieve greater fat-burning results in 2 or 3 times shorter period than with classic aerobic training. Your basal metabolism is increased and after training fat burning effect is secured. This type of training increases insulin sensitivity and helps You to prevent diabetes type 2.

Anabolic hormone excretion is also increased. This directly causes increased oxidation of fatty acids and greater fast-twitch muscle fibers activation.

 Complex Exercises HIIT Training

When it comes to constructing a HIIT fat burning routine I would suggest picking 4-8 different compound exercises. Repetitions should vary between 6 and 8 per set. 3-4 working sets per exercise are the right choice here. Keep your rest between the working sets at 60 seconds. A good example here is combining a barbell complex with Olympic lifts or powerlifting. Hang clean, front squat, deadlift and stiff-leg deadlift in a 6-8 rep range with no rest between the exercises is a good example of how the complex can look.

Also, different kind of sled pushing or pulling is a good HIIT exercise choice. It is not very exhausting for your central nervous system, but your aerobic and anaerobic capacities will explode with this training equipment. You can do these exercises in 5-10 seconds regime with a rest ratio of 1:5 in favor of rest. Another example is pushing or pulling sleds for 30-60 seconds with work: rest ration 1:3 in 6-8 sets. This will squeeze a last drop of energy from your body.

You can add different kinds of loaded carry as farmer work combines with 10 seconds sprints. This is a more advanced method because of a high injury risk. A proper training foundation is a must if you decide on this kind of high-intensity fat burning routine. You probably need the same stamina as the top athletes in the sports betting odds, as can show you.

Finally, burpees are always a good choice. They secure a high metabolic impact without using weight and their simplicity is the main reason why all fitness trainers include burpees in their HIIT routines. Before they found their place in the fitness world, they were one of the tests for the marines. 5-10 minutes burpee routine in which you do 6-10 marines in every minute, with rest, until a full minute expires is a brutal fat loss workout.

HIIT is your fat loss choice but…

Be sure that a proper diet is following an interval training routine. Firstly, you need a solid amount of energy to do a demanding workout. Secondly, You need to secure a proper fuel, not just the proper amount. When proper diet is secured step in the gym and do 45-60 minutes of HIIT training. It will make you sweat, it will build your muscles and burn fat. In the end, it will make you satisfied with yourself. Start easily and advance step by step. The weight loss results when using a HIIT method are guaranteed.





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  1. Ralph Seeder says:

    Great article! Our fast-paced lives have led to the growing popularity of HIIT. Like you’ve mentioned, greater fat burning is possible in a shorter time span. It’s also a great way for athletes to remain fit and for strength building.

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