The Sports Archives – Why Variety is Important for Your Workout Routine

workout routine

Keeping fit is something we’re all trying to include in our daily lives. Even if it’s only a gradual process, starting from as little as 10-15 minutes of exercise a day, can help you feel better mentally and physically.

However, while introducing exercise into your life is always a wise decision, you need to make sure that you’re doing the right kind of workout to ensure optimal results. You may think that cardiovascular is the only type of workout you need for successful weight loss, but a lot can be said for including balance training, strength training, and core as well. In fact, a lot of fitness experts advise that you should create a varied regime in order to obtain the best results. 

Strength Training

For a lot of people, the moment they hear the words “strength training”, they think of bulky muscles and bodybuilders. This image has become so synonymous with weights that it downplays the general advantages of including strength training in all exercise routines, even if building muscle isn’t your main goal. One of the main advantages of strength training is that it lowers belly fat, one of the key problem areas often complained about. By strength training, you help increase the leanness of your muscles, which in turn stimulates your metabolism. Basically, strength training is a great calorie buster! If you’re interested in finding out more, click here for further details. 

Core Exercises

When we think of core exercises, crunches and hip dips come to mind. None of which sounds all that appealing when you remember how much they make you ache the next day. However, spending a small portion of your workout on working your core will have a wide array of benefits, and not just those associated with fitness gains. For example, when you work on strengthening that core, it’ll help ease issues like back pain. Lower back pain is one of the main complaints for 1 in 4 US citizens, with healthcare professionals normally advising patients to improve core stability to combat this. Why wait for the pain to begin when you can reap the benefits now?

Balance Training

Some elements of balance training naturally goes hand-in-hand with core exercises, however, there are also additional ways to train your balance. Balance is hugely important, yet it’s so easily overlooked when we’re working out because of how much we take it for granted. When we age though, our balance can soon begin to waver, resulting in falls that can result in serious injuries. This is why it’s best to start introducing simple balance techniques into your routine. Yoga is a fantastic way to do this, but you can also practice by simply standing on one leg and holding that pose for a minute or two. Small steps can also make a difference, so if you need to take it slow, make sure to do so.

Creating a varied routine isn’t just important for keeping the excitement of working out alive, but for ensuring you build the most beneficial regime possible. Without variation, you won’t be able to meet your fitness goals. 

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