The Sports Archives – Why Tennis is a Great Sport for General Exercise

Many people played tennis when they were a kid or they see old people playing but they don’t play anymore. Maybe they’ve seen the tennis movies around the world or tennis trick shots on their social media and get inspired to play. Well, we are going to give you our 5 Best Reason why you should start playing tennis regularly!

  1. It’s Healthy!  Yes, tennis is a cardio sport. Where you sweat a lot! So make sure you have tennis grips and Vegan Sports Gear that suits your games need since you are going to be playing so much now! Especially if you are playing singles, you will notice a great improvement of your overall endurance and burn lots of calories. Even if you play doubles you are still in a squat (ready position) for most of the match. It is also keeps your hand eye coordination up to speed. Tennis really does involve a lot of types of athleticism that translate well to other sports. (Golf is great, but it’s not a work out once you are done.)
  1. It’s Competitive. Maybe you haven’t been competitive since high school or your college days playing drinking games… Whether you are new or getting pretty good, there are all different levels of competition for you out there. Make sure get your USTA or UTR Rating so you can play other players at your level. (Or better than you because that’s how you get better!) Plus it motivates you to work out off the court so you can be better on the court!
  1. It’s Social. Doubles is very popular because yes, it is a little less running and less stressful on the body, but it is great to have a teammate. Tennis can be a lonely sport, but when you play doubles you instantly have a friend. And often times its common practice for you and your opponents to grab a bite or a drink after the match. Maybe even the loser buys! There are always people looking for someone to play tennis with. It is also a great way to meet new people, even a great first date idea!
  1. It’s Outside (for the most part). Yes Tennis is most popular in California and Florida because you can play nearly everyday out of the 365 days, but one of my favorite parts about tennis is the fact that it is outside. Everybody needs a little Vitamin D in their life. Even if it isn’t sunny, it’s always a good excuse to get some fresh air and get some exercise. You will be running around for an hour so you will be warm no matter what!
  1. It’s a Life Long Skill. You can play tennis until you are 70 or 80… or yes I have seen it… 90! Could you image being 75 years old,playing tennis with your 3 best friends, on a sunny day in the middle of summer. Doesn’t that sound like the retired dream. Maybe you played 18 holes before, and finish up with some cards up at the club house afterwards? Tennis is great because it connects players of all ages and all skills.

There are many reasons why tennis is a great sport for everyone to play, but all you need is one reason to pick up the game played around the world. What are some of the reasons you want to start playing more tennis?

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