The Sports Archives – 4 Perfect Valentine Gifts for the Cyclist You Love Most


ludovic from Guissény. (Bretagne, Finistère), France [CC BY-SA]

Valentine ’s Day is a day where you can show others how much you love and appreciate them. Part of showing how much you care is purchasing them gifts that are unique to their lifestyle. If you have a cyclist on your Valentine ’s Day list, here are some helpful tips for gifts that they’ll be sure to love.

Subscription to Trail Maps

If your cyclist likes to hit up new trails often, then a subscription to a trail map is an ideal gift. There are many out there such as AllTrails and TrailLink that provide users access to trail data. This is perfect so that your cyclist can download trail maps to their application before heading off to ensure they will have the map regardless of whether or not their phone remains connected to the internet.

Cyclist Clothing

Your cyclist likely wants to show off their hobby by wearing clothes tailored to cycling. There are many stores such as DHDWear that can provide unique clothes like t-shirts and socks that have cycling emblems and cartoons. Some will even have cool sayings about biking. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to clothing as your Valentine will be sure to wear it.

Gift Card to the Local Bike Shop

If your cyclist is a little picky about the things they purchase or you just don’t have a clear idea of what to get them, then a gift card can be a great solution. Getting one for a local bike shop notates that you acknowledge and appreciate their interests. Plus, they only have to take a short drive to go enjoy spending the money.

Bike Lock

If the cyclist on your mind regularly takes their bike places where it goes unattended for a while, you should consider getting them a bike lock. This is great for those who ride their bike to work or the store. There are various types of bike locks available. You can opt for the traditional padded cord lock that can attach the bike to a post or bike rack for safekeeping. Or, you can get a more complex one with wheel locks. It’s really up to you.

Finding a Valentine ’s Day gift for the one that you love can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. It’s best to start with one of their favorite hobbies as they’ll appreciate the extra care it took to pick out a unique gift. The above are just four of the many options that are available to you.

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