The Sports Archives – The Best Sport For A Full-Body Workout? It Just Might Be Tennis…

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There are loads of sports out there that give you a great workout. However, a lot of the time, they mainly focus on one area of our body. Soccer is really good at training your legs, as are a lot of sports. Then, you have sports like golf that do a good job of sculpting your arms.

But, what if we were looking for a sport to give us a full-body workout? Well, tennis might be the perfect sport for this! In today’s piece, I’ll explain all the physical benefits of tennis, as well as giving some little tips to improve your game. Check everything out below.

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The Health Benefits Of Tennis

Tennis has the fantastic benefit of giving your entire body a workout. Your legs work a lot as you run around the court, your core is braced when hitting shots and staying balanced, and your upper body works hard swinging the racket.

Playing a tennis match will leave you sore all over for a good couple of days. But, the advantage of a full-body sport is that you burn more calories while playing too. It’s the ultimate way of getting fit as more muscle groups are firing at the same time. This makes it very intense, meaning you can lose a lot of weight.

Furthermore, due to the stop-start nature of tennis, it’s fantastic for improving fitness levels. A match of tennis is pretty much like one long high-intensity interval training session. You run for a short period, get a tiny breather, and then you’re back at it again. This makes it really good for your cardiovascular health.

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Improving Your Tennis Game

Many people like the idea of tennis, but don’t really know where to begin and can’t play very well. Don’t worry, there are some simple tips you can apply to improve your performance. The first of which is to have all the right equipment. Look for a tennis racket with a good grip and weight, to make it easier to hold and swing. Check out Sports Gear Lab best tennis shoes list to find some shoes that grip the surface well and allow good support for your ankles, making it easier to run. Finally, wear suitable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Next, learn how to hit the three basic tennis strokes; serve, forehand, and backhand. Serving is the most difficult thing to master, so it demands the most attention. As for the other strokes, you have the option to play them using one or two hands. For the best results, you should use a one-handed forehand and a two-handed backhand. This will help you control your shots more.

Finally, practice hitting your shots against a wall. This is how all the pros learnt to play, so it’s good enough for you too! As you get better, slowly transition to a court with an actual hitting partner.

You don’t have to be amazing to enjoy the health benefits of tennis, but it does make the sport more fun to play! If you fancy trying a new sport that gives you a full-body workout, maybe this is the one for you.


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