The Sports Archives – 5 Indoor Games Which Will Keep You Fit

table tennis

Do you have passion for games? If the answer to the above is yes, then I will take you through a few indoor games that will help you both mentally and physically fit. When we talk of indoor games, this is far from sitting on the chair to enjoy play stations. Games are fun and healthy to human body. It has been discovered that people who exercise a lot are less prone to some chronic diseases which disturbs people. Engaging in any one of the indoor games is the best place to pass time wisely. One gets energized and charged to conduct other activities appropriately. If you want to beat the scorching sun or a rainy season, choosing any one of the indoor games can do well to satisfy your curiosity. Little has been exposed concerning the indoor games, which are less given attention. We are used to the common football matches, which attracts more fans. Along, you can visit and familiarize with the available games to keep you fit. The following paragraphs elucidate the common indoor games that can keep anyone busy, hence improving their physical fitness.


Swimming is common in the current age. We are living in a generation where luxurious activities such as swimming is part of their schedule. Although they do it for fun, they have no idea the benefit it brings into their physical health. Traditionally, swimming was not considered as a game. It was just an act of passing time and relaxing. In today’s world, it has been included among the indoor games. Different styles are available, which makes it more appealing to the spectators. The modern child is brought up knowing various techniques of swimming. You will find a parent carrying his her family to the swimming pool, to teach them basics of swimming. Additionally, people are building swimming pools in their homestead. The game has been appreciated both by old and young people. The process of maintaining balance to remain afloat in the water help the individual to remain fit. Swimming can be done in all seasons. During summer, the waters are maintained at a cool temperature while during rainy season, warm water could be directed into the swimming pool.


This is a team game and every member is essential for better performance. Basketball has been there for so long, and it’s one of the recognized traditional game in the world. This game was not appreciated much sometime back, but as the time progresses, people are tending to like the game. It is normally known for helping people to learn to work as a team. It involves passing ball to the partner player, and therefore much coordination is required. Furthermore, it involves a lot of movement. The player does not stay at one stagnant point. One has to be flexible to counter the opponent and enhance high score rate. Continued movement helps in burning the calories and also improving bone strength. Apart from physical benefits, the game also develops concentration and mental development.


When volleyball is mentioned, the first thought that strikes is body flexibility. Just like the basketball, volleyball is a team game, which involves two sets of groups. The most important part of it is that it improves the coordination of the eyes and the hands. The player has to be swift enough to counter the opponent. This is a game of hand and eyes. Due to regular jumps and movements, it helps the player to reduce the calories in the body. Further, it tones the body and keeps it in the right shape.


Badminton is the second most played sport after tennis. Most people have classified it as feminine because it is mostly played by females. However, it can be played indoors because it involves less participants. Furthermore, it does not require a large space for it to be played. Just like other indoor games, it involves a lot of thinking and eye coordination. One has to be fast in acting to succeed in this type of game. It also involves a lot of running which is good for the physical health of the body. It makes an individual more flexible and improves coordination capability.

Table Tennis

This sport has less or no risks therefore suitable for any age group. Additionally, the game requires less space and actually can be played in the house. You just need a table specifically for this game. This is one of the game that is known for improving the thinking capacity for young people. In order to win, the individual is supposed to have a good coordination between the eyes and hands. It is worth trying it.

All these indoor games are important in improving our health. So, rather than depending on medical help, you can choose to adopt any of the above games at any season.

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