The Sports Archives – How To Approach Your First Marathon

London Marathon at Victoria EmbankmentMarathons are about so much more than completing 26.2 miles. Within this kind of momentous occasion there are stories of triumph, heartbreak, personal anguish and the most incredible fulfillment when the finish line comes into the equation.

The most common way to take on a marathon is by running but it is a very inclusive event with all the charitable causes attached to it and so many participants decide to take part by walking some or the majority of the distance.

There have been a huge amount of people who have watched the achievements of marathon runners either in person or on the television and been inspired enough to want to do it themselves. In a lot of cases, this has actually been a big part of an individual turning their whole life around. Making the preparations for a marathon can result in bringing an immense level of new focus and organisation into your life, so if you were looking for something to spark change for the better, then this could be the answer.

A committed approach to training

Signing up for a marathon is a big step to take and you are likely to have those nerves when you do. In truth, the hard work should ether begin or go up a notch after you have put your name down. Training for a marathon takes a very specific approach and bundles of commitment to make it a success. You can train alone and run purely on your own individual focus and endeavour, or you can bring other people into it. You may want to try to get a friend to sign up with you so you know you will have someone with you every step of the way. Building your training up steadily is advised and this includes mixing a fast-paced run, a longer one, and one that is considerably easier.

Be strict with your rest

All runners have to deal with the effects of injuries. Sometimes this can be a minor strain that curtails your progress for only a few days or it may be an issue that severely hampers you over time. Warming up and warming down sufficiently is a crucial part of marathon training and as much as you have to be dedicated to your training it is just as vital to be firm with yourself and set aside time to rest.

Condition your diet

If you look hard enough you can probably find information out there that will contradict every piece of dietary advice you have ever seen, so it can be very difficult knowing which sources to follow. The food you eat should have plenty of energy in it and carbohydrates are essential for your running.

Keep it consistent

In the final days before the marathon it could have a bad effect if you make any alterations to your routine. Make sure that you are comfortable with the training you have done and take this into the race. It is also not advisable to introduce any new running trainers or other clothing at this point.

Claire Hinchcliffe had always wanted to run a marathon and with the motivation of her personal trainer from she made it happen.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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