The Sports Archives – Who’s Tough Enough For Tough Mudder?

Tough MudderThere are many arduous sporting challenges and activities out there but Tough Mudder certainly provides a unique battle to complete.  When the winter time is getting into full flow in the UK one of the toughest assault courses around comes to the North West of England in November. Tough Mudder is not for the faint hearted though as this 1-12 mile assault course has been designed to be both mentally and physically challenging by the British Special Forces. The challenge is one that will give participants the ultimate sense of pride at the finish line and you will also experience great camaraderie with fellow participants that will help you through the battle.

Tough Mudder is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, as well as putting yourself through a huge physical test. Along the way you will encounter interesting obstacles and you will certainly see enough mud to last you a lifetime. The 5000 participants will line up at the start and set off with a traditional war cry and head straight into the Swamp Stomp, which involves wading through waist-deep mud before you hit Bale Bonds. At this stage you will be throwing yourself over huge hay bales. These are just the first 2 of 30 obstacles dotted along the course and it is fair to say that they get a lot worse.

You will have to navigate your way through the Black Forest, climb the Berlin Walls, encounter the Kiss of Mud as you crawl under barbed wire, face the Fire Walker with four-foot flames and finish off with a bit of Electroshock Therapy. After all of this you will be greeted by cheering supporters, and a live band to go with a well-deserved beer.

As the event is in November it is sure to be cold and there is the potential of ice in the water. In the Canadian Tough Mudder some people got hypothermia and some also had cardiac troubles at the obstacle Arctic Enema. You can take precautions by wearing under armour heat gear which is designed to hold moisture away from the skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

Tough Mudder is a great event if you want to test yourself and it is all for a good cause. The Tough Mudder raises money for the charity Wounded Warrior Project who serve wounded service men and women who have had an injury, wounds or illness since September 11th 2001. The charity will contribute towards improving battlefield medicine and body armour amongst other things, so get involved and do something great for yourself and for others.

Article written by Warren Thomas representing who offer all kinds of activity wear and sports protection clothing.

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