The Sports Archives – The Benefits of Belly Dancing!

Belly DancingBelly dancing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider taking up exercise, but it is certainly worth consideration. Belly dancing is a dance that originated in the Middle East, and generally conjures up images of scantily clad women gyrating to some exotic music. Yet belly dancing is much more than just a spectacle to view, it has a number of unexpected health benefits for those that perform this ancient form of dance.

Physical Benefits

Belly dancing is a great fat burning activity, you can move all of your body and burn the fat without ever having to step foot inside a gym. Because belly dancing incorporates such a lot of physical activity those looking to lose the fat and improve their body shape can see results in next to no time. But the best part of choosing belly dancing for exercise is that it is fun, it doesn’t feel like exercising at all. Alongside the fat busting belly dance also works to improve other areas of the body. Many of the movements involved in the dance involve arm movements and shaping of the upper body. Because a lot of the movements are of a shaking, wiggling and twisting kind it also helps with flexibility and can help to strengthen bone.

Confidence Building

Not only is belly dancing good for the physical body, it is also good for the inner self. Learning to belly dance makes you very aware of your body, and as you continue to practice and develop your dancing skills, you will notice your body changing. Muscle tone will improve, as will posture and stamina. You will develop a new sense of confidence within yourself. Your coordination will have improved as will your balance and core body strength. All of this does wonders for your self-image and sense of self.

Stress Busting

Belly dancing is also a great way to burn off any unnecessary stress. While lost in the rhythm and motion of the dance your mind and body are transported away from your worries and cares for a while. It is also useful for working out all of the toxins in your body. It’s a kind of escapism that frees your mind and body from the restrictions of daily life. Not only is belly dancing good for you it can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are no age restrictions or stringent physical requirements and there is no expensive equipment to buy. It is a form of enjoyable exercise that can be done in the privacy of your own home or in a social setting with others. There are a number of different places that run belly dancing classes, such as social and community centres and local leisure centres. It would be worthwhile checking online to see where your nearest class is. If you don’t feel up to joining a class there are a number of learn at home DVD’s available so you can practice your belly dancing moves in the living room while the kids are at school.

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