The Sports Archives – How To Encourage A Passion For Sports In Your Community


Community sports can offer exceptional benefits to kids and adults alike as it allows the kids to get into better shape and socialize while also giving the adults (their parents) the chance to get out of the house and meet new people. But with all the benefits, why do some communities feel devoid of any type of sport, whether it’s a regular pick-up game or a fully-fledged club. If you’re someone who has always loved sport and wants to make a change, here is some advice for encouraging a passion for sports in your community. 

Take Charge 

If you do not see anyone else doing it, then it’s up to you to take charge and lead the way. There are plenty of ways to do this, and many choose to get started by becoming a sports coach, so they feel more confident and know what they are doing. 

Sports coaching is not mastered overnight, though. So you’ll need to do something else in the meantime. Take your kids to the park and throw a ball around or teach them the basics of football, soccer, basketball, or any other common sport. As they become more confident, they can bring their friends along, and soon enough, you’ll have a little team of future champions (maybe) that are passionate about whatever sport you play. 

Use Social Media 

Social media has its downsides, but it’s a fantastic way to reach out to other people, especially those who share your interests. You can use the power of social media to gauge interest in sports and sports teams, which can help you keep up with the top football teams in time for the new season. 

You might discover a community that already exists, which can definitely take some of the work off your mind. From here, you can reach out to potential players, or at least their parents, and invite them down for a trial day to begin building a team.  

Improve The Facilities 

If no one has anywhere to play, how can you expect a passion to develop? A lack of good or even decent facilities means people would rather stay inside and do anything else. You don’t need to be an expert to understand why this is a problem, so ask yourself how to improve the facilities. 

From helping maintain the field to looking into flood Light installations, there are plenty of ways you and others can work together to make the sports areas more appealing, welcoming, and safe. You might find that people have wanted to play sports and be more active, but they haven’t had the opportunity. With these improvements, the space will be full from sunrise to sunset. 


Passion is not built overnight. It takes time for people of all ages to become enamored with anything. However, there’s something about sports that brings this passion much faster. Perhaps it’s the camaraderie of playing on a team; maybe it’s the almost tribalistic nature of wanting to be better than them – whoever they are. Whatever it is, you’ll find that you can cultivate a passion for sports in your community, and people will be happy to help you, too.


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