The Sports Archives – The History of Motocross Racing Infographic!

Racing motorcycles has been a popular obsession since the 1860s. Since then, it’s evolved into a billion dollar industry, famous for filling up arenas around the world. Today, the core of motocross is still all about the exhilaration and freedom that comes with racing a motorcycle.

Timeline of Motocross Racing

The following shows the history of motorcycle racing:

  • 1906 – First time trial held by the Auto-Cycle Club, a competition for the fastest man on the track
  • 1924 – First official scramble took place in Great Britain, becoming known as motocross
  • 1952 – European Championship Series was created using 500 cc engines
  • 1962 – 250 cc division established
  • 1972 – First stadium motocross took place at the Los Angeles Coliseum

Motorcycle Racing Today

Currently, motocross is one of America’s quickest growing sports, with four main competition types:

  1. Super Cross – Takes place in sports arenas, on tracks made of artificial dirt. Incorporates tighter turns, shorter straights and steep articles and jumps.
  2. Freestyle – Competition for longest air and best tricks, determined by panel of judges. Consists of two routines per rider, between 90 seconds to 15 minutes long.
  3. Big Air – Panel of judges evaluates two jumps for originality, difficulty and style. Competition takes place on a track covered with dirt, with jumps as high as 75-feet.
  4. Super Moto – Made popular by the World Wide of Sports (ABC), using dirtbikes with road tires. Often consists of whoops, berms and jumps.

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History of Motocross Infographic

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