The Sports Archives – Turning Sports Passion Into A Career

When you love a sport, it’s not the paying or doing that you might fall in love with. After all, sometimes we aren’t built the same way high-level athletes are. Instead, we can see how we can support the athletes. 

The theory, the research, the spotting chinks in the other team’s armor – it’s as easy as breathing. In fact, you find it easier to explain how an athlete or a team should do something than you do to do it yourself. 

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Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

There is a high-effective and supportive backroom staff with many team sports, and they are often the unsung heroes of success. You probably could name more than ten players in your favorite sport – but could you name any of the backroom staff? 

Quite often, people can mention the coach and maybe some of the assistant coaches like Tony Elliot, Mike Elko, Joe Tumkin, and Derek Mason, but then what? 

What does the backroom team consist of?

Although it will vary by sport, here are some of the roles that you can find in the backroom team. 

  • Head coach
  • Assistant coach(es)
  • Offensive coordinator
  • Defensive coordinator
  • Assistant manager
  • Goalkeeping coach (soccer/football)
  • Special teams coach
  • Quarterback, linebacker, offensive line, and defensive line coach
  • Strength coach

The bigger the team, the more comprehensive the backroom team is going to be. 

How can you get a backroom role on a sports team?

Being a huge fan of the sport is a great start, as is having some experience of playing yourself. The backroom team is one of the most highly effective and strategic teams that you will find. Everything they do is coordinated, planned, and highly researched. 

So if you are looking to secure yourself one of these roles, what do you need to consider? 

Competition to work in the sports industry is fierce, and to that end, you need to give yourself a competitive edge. That edge comes from education. There are degrees and certifications that you can earn to make sure that you aren’t just working on passion, but you are coming from a place of knowledge too. 

A common role of team support is in the medical field; for those who wish to follow this path, a degree in medicine, trainers, PTs, and sports nutritionists – these roles will need certification. 

For many others, you can start in a little league team or a local team and work your way up via experience. Securing an assistant coaching role in a local school of any size is one of the best ways to start and gives you multiple pathways to explore. 

It’s also possible to not be on the field and work in a marketing and communications role. An alternative, and one that many people find interesting and less pressure-filled, is to start your own website dedicated to the team and create content. Over time you will become synonymous with the team, and who knows where that could lead. 

Starting local and expanding can be your first steps towards a rewarding career in the backroom team, and who knows where that might lead? The Sports Archives – How To Encourage A Passion For Sports In Your Community


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