The Sports Archives – 5 Covid-friendly Sports To Take Up Right Now


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Covid-19 has made it harder to participate in many sports due to social distancing guidelines and restrictions. While a number of vaccines have now been approved, the pandemic isn’t going away any time soon, which means that it will still be a while before many of us can play contact sports. Fortunately, there are many sports that don’t require being in close proximity to others. Below are just five Covid-friendly sports that you can take part in right now. 


Running is a great solo sport that you can do anywhere. It’s a great sport for improving cardiovascular fitness and building strong bones. Running with others may be too risky right now and you won’t find many organized runs being held, however for those that want to get competitive there’s still the option of competing with others’ running scores using a running app. You can compare a few of these apps here at Make sure to buy yourself a decent pair of running shoes to avoid injury.


Cycling is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that you can partake in outdoors. It can also help you to lose weight, build leg muscle and strengthen joints. As with running, you can compete with others using apps. You will need to invest in a decent bike and cycling gear if you want to take it seriously, however there are many affordable equipment options for beginners. 


Many golf courses such as this one at have been able to stay open throughout the pandemic. This is because golf is often played over large areas, making it easy to socially distance oneself from others. You may even be able to play golf with friends safely while keeping a distance. While golf isn’t very physically active, there are still many health benefits to this sport. You can buy equipment or hire it from a golf course (hired equipment is likely to be thoroughly cleaned between uses if you’re playing on a professional golf course, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the risk of spreading the virus this way). 


Tennis courts are still open in many places around the country. This sport is great for providing a cardiovascular workout and can be played with friends while keeping a safe distance at all times. There’s little risk of Covid spreading through touching a tennis ball, but if you want to be safe you can always use separate marked balls. This site offers more advice on playing tennis during Covid-19. Make sure to buy your own equipment.


Fishing is another sport that can be carried out while social distancing. While not a particularly active sport, it has its health benefits like golf. You can fish solo or you can fish with friends and compete to get the best catch. Fishing hire stores may be closed in some areas so you may want to buy your own equipment beforehand. 


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