The Sports Archives – An Insight Into The Life Of Conor McGregor


By Andrius Petrucenia on Flickr (Original version)UCinternational (Crop) – Originally posted to Flickr as “UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015“Cropped by UCinternational, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Conor McGregor has become a sporting Phenomenon, and in the last few weeks has achieved things no other UFC will probably ever manage. He has shot to fame, and his net worth is enough to make anyone weep. But this didn’t come without hardships. Conor started out UFC in Ireland whilst living on benefits, and trying to support his wife Dee. They both gave up everything to chase Conor’s dream, and from his first fight in 2008, it has only gone in his favour. So let’s take a look into the day in the life of Conor McGregor.


Both training and diet are the biggest parts of Connor’s life. If he isn’t training, he’s eating or sleeping. As he was making the jump from MMA to boxing, there was also a lot of new techniques to learn, and old habits to kick During the buildup to his recent fight his training was much more intense. He was practicing high altitude training in extreme temperatures in the Nevada desert. Sparring and pad work to hone in his boxing skills that he had to learn in a very quick amount of time. Another thing people forget is Conor had to study Mayweather and see how he moved and reacted, and what were his weaknesses as a key part of training. He also created his own training programme that others can purchase and use, that he used in the run up to the fight called F.A.S.T. This involved using stationary equipment to practice conditioning. And like with all athletes, this amount of strenuous training doesn’t come without injury. Conor and many other athletes are constantly in need of sports massages, and physical therapy, from companies such as Park City Physical Therapy to make sure their muscles stay in peak condition.


As you can imagine, Conor has to eat a lot. He has a team of specialist dietitians that tailor his diet depending on his fight. For example, his recent fight against Mayweather meant his regime was at it’s most grueling. His diet is typically low carb, with him commenting in a recent article that if he does have a carb binge it’s usually on sweet potatoes. It’s rich in meats such a salmon and steak, and of course high in fiber and greens to maintain not only a healthy, but a balanced diet. Another important factor in his diet is eggs to provide the much-needed protein, however he does also use protein shakes as added supplements. On a daily basis, Conor consumes a whopping 6000 calories to maintain his energy during training.

Family Life

Now that the fight is over and Conor has quadrupled his net worth, he’s definitely flaunting it. His instagram page is full of pictures on exotic yachts, incredible food, and his whole family surrounding him. For the last few weeks he has been non stop partying and eating, and developing what he has called “a wealth belly”. Although it seems Conor is enjoying his private family time, it would seem he is already thinking about calling his rival Nate Diaz out for another fight. But for now I think it’s fair to say he’s enjoying watching his son grow up, and treating all his family to the lavish lifestyle he has come to know. It’s a far cry from the $127 a week benefits he was on, and he’s certainly making the most of it!


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