The Sports Archives – Loud and Proud: Showing Your Support for Your Favorite Sports Person or Team

Fan Support

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Sports lovers are a dedicated bunch. When it comes to matches or games, chances are that the majority of viewers are rooting for a particular team or individual to win. Many of us will have supported the same sportsperson or team since we were young. Over the years they have earned our support and commitment. But why be meek about your passions? Join the ranks of loud and proud fans. It’s time to showcase your love of your chosen sport! Here are a few things that you can display your love.

Sports Picks

Put your money where your mouth is! A way to show your profound support of your team is to bet on them winning. If you are in doubt about the odds, keep your bid low or work hand in hand with a company such as Oskeim Sports Picks, a professional handicapping service that will provide you with an unparalleled return on your investment.


Almost every sports team will have official merchandise, whether it’s a football team, rugby team, cricket team or athletics team. The wide range available will most likely offer you something perfect for you. Simple pin badges or buttons can be pinned to your collar or jacket for a subtle indication of your allegiances. Scarves and hats can keep you warm on match days while indicating who you’re rooting for. Team shirts and kits can be worn to watch matches down the local pub. Then there is fun and quirky extras, such as branded babygrows, tea trays, water bottles and stationery. Not only are these good investments for yourself, but they can make perfect gifts for fellow sports fans.

Face Paint and Flags

If you want to go all out at a sporting event, you can use face paint and flags to make your support crystal clear. Paint your face in team colours. Remember not to block other fans’ views with your flags by keeping them raised at all times. Instead, lift flags when your team or individual scores or wins. You may even catch the camera’s eye and make your way onto TV or the big screen at the game. If you’re feeling extremely creative, you could even create your own banner to wave with friends. The bigger the banner, the more likely the team are to see your message.

Learn Chants

Many teams will have specific lyrics or songs that fans will chant and sing at games. They’re generally short and simple, so they’re easy to pick up. Sing along with fellow fans and get into the spirit of the game!

These simple activities show support for your team, not only financially but in spirit too! Wearing your team’s colours, singing along and cheering throughout games, waving flags and placing your hard-earned cash in the faith of them are the best ways to show your dedication and commitment. What’s more? It’s fun and rewarding. You will be able to identify fellow supporters easily and can start a conversation, making new friends along the way too. What’s not to love?

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