The Sports Archives – DRAFT Fantasy Football Beginner’s Strategy Tips


If you just signed up with DRAFT or are considering it, you are in for a fun experience. Fantasy football has been gaining popularity for years, and it is far more exciting than regular football to many people since they have a more active role. These are a few helpful tips to remember if you are a beginner.

Get Advice From Trusted Sources

Avoid getting advice from forums or unknown groups on social media platforms. DRAFT, sports channels and dedicated fantasy football sites are better places to find reliable information. If you have a good friend who you trust, you can also learn from that individual. However, it is better to rely on your own research when it comes to player rankings and choices. Use the information available on the sites to make your decisions.

Learn About Scoring

There are different scoring formats for leagues. You should familiarize yourself with PPR and standard scoring systems. Players who catch more passes score more in PPR format. Some people prefer leagues with PPR since they have an easier time guessing which players will have more receptions.

Plan Your First Pick Carefully

One of the most important decisions for every beginner is who to put in during the first round. Although you may see good results from risky players as you play the game more, avoid using them for your first pick. It is better to choose an elite player who you know will perform well. You may have to pick a player who does not meet your personal approval.

Keep Track of Weeks Off

As the NFL season progresses, every football fan knows that players take a week off from time to time. You need to stay current with which players are taking a week off. Time off can affect the depth of your team. Although it seems like an important issue, choosing players based on differing weeks off rather than having the same weeks off should not affect your choices.

Use Mock Drafts First

If you are new, having a solid plan about who you want to draft is essential for success. Developing a plan with your requirements can be difficult without experience, and developing a weak one can put you at an immediate disadvantage. Mock fantasy football drafts make it easier to see what you need most during a draft.

Do Not Focus on Popularity

A common mistake made by many new fantasy football enthusiasts is choosing a popular quarterback immediately. Although this may pay off and seem like a good decision, you will see that finding a good running back or other player is harder as you get further into the draft. It is better to look for those players upfront and choose a popular quarterback later.

When you understand these tips and how the draft works, you are ready to start your adventure as a fantasy football enthusiast. Be sure to keep current on NFL news.

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