The Sports Archives – How To Build Muscles Like A Pro

A few years ago, there were a lot of advertisements for quick-fix muscle-building products. They often came with a cartoon picture of a skinny guy getting sand kicked in his face by a muscle-bound hunk. No guessing who the girl in the scantily clad bikini preferred!

Of course, those adverts were scams, designed to reduce your pocket mass rather than gain weight in your muscles. However, there are achievable ways to bulk up your muscles, and despite what Popeye will tell you, it’s not all about eating spinach. So, while we can’t guarantee you will end up looking like muscle-building icon Arnie, we can still help you create a few extra ripples in your shirt.

Take steroids

There are all kinds of steroids for sale, but they aren’t all safe (or legal). For starters, they should only be taken as a supplement to your weight-building program, so do your research. Only buy muscle builders from reputable websites, as you want to make sure you are only ingesting products that are good for you. You need to go for anabolic steroids, as they will produce more protein to increase muscle size and enhance your testosterone. However, there are side effects, such as mood swings and acne, so don’t abuse them.

Eat more protein

Protein is essential for muscle growth, so you should look for any food products containing this strength-enhancing nutrient. Experts say you should measure the amount of protein you eat by your body weight, so somebody weighing 150-pounds should eat 150 grams of protein each day. Foods you should aim for include meat, cheese, eggs, and peanuts. There are also protein bars and drinks available so that you can top yourself up as part of your healthy diet.


You won’t build up your muscles if you’re sat on the couch all day watching Netflix, no matter how many times you watch Pumping Iron. Whether you head to the gym or embark in a workout in your living room, work on the large muscle groups first, such as in your chest and legs. Lifting weights are an essential part of your exercise plan if you want to increase your muscles, so have a look at this workout routine which will give you some good ideas. However, you should also complement the weightlifting programme by strengthening your muscles, so go for a run or a swim regularly to build up your leg muscles, and push-ups for your arms.

Beginners should pace themselves, as you are liable to tear your muscles if you haven’t used them for a while. Whether you are a newbie or not, it is still important to take a break. Only lift weights every other day, as your muscles only grow when you are resting, not during the workout itself.

You will be hungry after a workout, but make it a habit to eat foods containing protein and carbohydrates. You will undo all your hard work if you resort to junk food, so make sure you maintain a healthy diet as part of your muscle-building program.

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