The Sports Archives – What Afterschool Sport Would Be Beneficial For My Children?

It is important to keep kids active, even after school. Getting your children involved in an afterschool sport will not only aid in their social skills, but will greatly benefit their health. Research has proven that physical activities, especially in teams, will promote confidence as well as the ability to socially function by building upon these life skills. Physical education at school can aid in this, but afterschool sports teams can place them in an environment without the pressure of the classroom. A benefit of encouraging your children to be a part of clubs outside of school allows them to pursue their interests and try new things.
Most schools provide a range of after school sports blubs consisting of football, netball, swimming, rugby or cricket. Each one has its benefits, but what one to choose from?


BKP Netball TourneyA fantastic and fun sport, aimed at focusing on hand eye coordination and teaching ball skills, footwork and match play. Within the sport there is also a position that will suit everyone and can contribute to developing spatial awareness. Seen as more of a female sport, it can encourage young girls to take part in sports and like football it can improve the body’s fitness. It is also a fast paced, fun sport that improves the flexibility of the body and nimbleness.


SwimmingGetting your child involved in afterschool swimming activities is an excellent activity where they can reap health benefits. An ideal aerobic exercise, the activity engages several body parts in an environment that does not stress the joints. Developing this relationship with the water and adapting to it can open up a whole range of other sport related water activities such as water polo.  The other health advantages include those with juvenile arthritis can benefit from the weightlessness of the water and allows for small, low-impact exercises.


football (soccer) kickOne of the most popular after school sports for kids. This sport can help develop your child’s social skills by placing him in a team environment. They will learn to communicate, co-operate as well as building links and relationships. You child will also benefit from increased self-confidence by participating in this team based sport. Like netball, football will help develop motor skills as well as footwork and hand eye co-ordination.


Gavin Henson RugbyIt may seem like a violent sport (Especially for kids, but don’t despair, it is not that brutal), but there are benefits for children taking up this sport as an after school activity. As with football, they will learn to work as part of a team, developing important life building skills such as concentration, determination and discipline. Problem solving through taking on tricky decisions plays an important part in this sport and can help children analyse and deduce situations and complicated issues.
Head and safety gear is usually provided.


Any after school sport may arouse interest in your children to take the sport further. For instance, there are a range of UK Football Trial companies that can help further develop football skills as well as help young children get noticed by professional coaches. Each sport has their unique benefit for children and can teach them those vital life skills, that by learning early, will help them as they grow older.

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By Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer and personal trainer. He enjoys guest blogging and travelling the country.

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