The Sports Archives – How To Ease Back Into Fitness After an Injury

Have you recently had an injury to your ligament that has stopped you from doing the activities you love? 

Don’t fear; we’ve all been there! After a small hiatus, it can be hard even to find the motivation to get back into something, let alone find the physical strength to go alongside it. But, there are so many small ways in which you can build this mental and physical bridge, ensuring things are a little easier when it comes to your usual workout routine. 

However, if you are heavily into your sport or activity, you may be itching to get back, only counting down the days until your GP says it’s okay to put weight back on it. If this is the case, there are things to make sure you stay safe and don’t hurt yourself further. 

Whatever your stance on your injury, listen up for some necessary techniques to help you get back to doing what you love. 

Mental health first 

Often, sport-people believe physical health is the only thing that matters when it comes to sport. However, our mental health matters more. The way we approach the sport is integral to how we perform. So, after a long break, think about what you were doing wrong and what you could do differently moving forward. Think of the reasons behind your injury. Was it that you were pushing yourself too hard? Did you need to take a break and rest up? Did you make a mistake because you weren’t in the right mental state? Whatever the problem, consider your mental health and what it is telling you first. 

Starting Slowly 

Once you have considered your mental health, help prepare your body and mind for the shock of suddenly doing exercise again. This step is the most integral after an injury as the strain is too much, and the damage may be irreversible. In general, do about half of what you usually would do. So, if you used to practice tennis for an hour each day, ease into it with half an hour per day at first. 

Using the correct tools

It is quite common to see sportspeople wearing tape around areas of the body which have been overworked. Typically, you see this on elbows (tennis elbows) and ankles. This tape is used after an injury to better support a strained ligament or muscle. If you are looking for electromagnetic pain relief in particular, consider using KT tape. This specific type of pain relief uses magnets to realign the body’s magnetic fields, easing the pain.

Alternatively, you might feel more comfortable using knee or arm sleeves, for example, if you think these options offer you more support during your recovery. Everyone is different, ask knowing your options when it comes to using the right tools is vital.

knee injury

Photo by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay 


In conclusion, before rushing back into exercise after an injury, there are many things you need to consider. To avoid straining your injury any further, listen to your body and wonder why the injury happened in the first place. Do you need to take it back a notch? Starting slowly is also a good place to start, and use sports tape to help aid the pain. 


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