The Sports Archives – How to Make Fitness Your #1 Priority


There is no denying the fact that exercise is an essential part of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. But if you’re new to fitness or just struggling to make it your focus, every day can feel like a challenge. The good news is that making fitness your top priority is actually simpler than you might expect.

Work Out in the Morning

Everyone wants to believe that they will feel motivated for a vigorous workout in the evening after work. However, by that time, you’re likely the least motivated and least enthusiastic about breaking a sweat. Instead of pushing your workout to the evening and then potentially deciding to skip it, start your day with exercise. This will minimize the opportunity for distraction and create a solid foundation for you to work from for the rest of the day.

Exercise at Home

If getting out to a gym or fitness class feels too daunting, exercise at home. There are countless streaming services available for any type of exercise routine you could be seeking. Some may require a subscription, but others (such as videos on YouTube) are completely free. If price is what’s holding you back, now there’s no excuse. While you’re working at home, why not find a fitness buddy? Consider asking a family member or friend to work out with you, so you can stay motivated and enjoy quality time together.

Be Consistent

One of the biggest obstacles to prioritizing fitness is inconsistency. Get ahead of this issue by creating a set time in your schedule for when you will work out. House Method recommends being consistent with your exercise until it begins to feel like a habit. This will allow you to incorporate fitness as part of your routine, so that it becomes less of a “to-do” and more of a natural part of your day.

Create Tangible Goals

There’s nothing more motivating than knowing you’ll have the satisfaction of reaching a benchmark. Create real goals for yourself: write them down and let them be the driving factor that gets you up in the morning and into your workout gear. Once you reach one milestone, you can begin stepping up your game for the next one.

Take Fitness Outside of the Gym

Once you’ve committed to improving your personal fitness, you’ll come to realize that fitness isn’t just getting to the gym or the exercise class, but rather, it can be a larger part of your life. Walking your dog a few times a day or taking your bike to work is an excellent way to make more of your life revolve around healthy activity. Anything that gets your heart pumping can be an opportunity for fitness, so you may be able to sneak in more than you originally expected.

These days, it’s easier than ever to make fitness your number one priority. So whether you’re new to your workout routine or have been going to the gym for years, these quick, simple tips can help you reframe your approach so that fitness truly is your top focus.

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