The Sports Archives – The Most Important Decision: Choosing a Pair of Football (Soccer) Boots!

Football players are often guided by a number of factors through their careers, whether they make it to the very top of the game in a professional capacity or if they just play with their friends in a local club side every week. Some things, like tricks and shots at goal are done instinctively, while other decisions – such as their choice of footwear – are guided by completely different factors.

Soccer Cleat

As a professional or amateur player, your choice of boots is important. Some might say that they just strap on a pair of boots and they play with no interest in the make or colour, but others are very particular about what they play in to help them to make the most of the conditions and to give them that inspiration to produce a man-of-the-match performance. When you buy a new pair of boots, either from Newitts over the Internet or a store in your nearest shopping centre, you need to take a number of things into account, especially if you want to be able to perform, while others choose to take factors into account, (there is a difference!)

Football (Soccer) Boots for Artificial Turf

One of the things that many players look at when buying boots is which professional is wearing them. The top stars are given boots on a regular basis by their sponsors, and these are what we see from the terraces every time they play. If it’s one of the best players in the world, amateur and young players around the country will be looking to get their hands on an identical pair, making the person who wears them the key to their decision-making process over anything else.

F50 2009 in yellow black

While this might work for them, helping them to feel like a professional with all the ability and confidence, it’s not actually going to make a physical difference to their game. The chances are that at amateur or “Sunday League” level as it is often referred to, you will be playing on poor quality pitches that have been saturated by the poor weather and making the choice of studs crucial. After all, if you can’t stand up, you’re not going to be able to pass, run, dribble or shoot. There are two main types of studs – the traditional screw-in version that are ideal for the wet weather and soft ground that we’re all accustomed to; and the more modern ‘blades’ that have been designed to provide some grip but allowing players to almost glide across the turf at full speed. Some players prefer to have the feeling that their studs are going into the surface, providing them with optimum grip, while others prefer to feel the lightweight materials almost kissing the ground so they can accelerate away from defenders.

Football (Soccer) BootsThe final factor is often around the brand. Everyone has their favourite brands, whether it’s a high street fashion designer, a make and model of car or the manufacturer of a pair of football boots. Sometimes you have such a positive experience with a specific brand or model that you can’t bear to try anything else, while other times you will make the change and you’ll be under – or over – whelmed. This means that the main factor behind the reason for them choosing that pair of boots over the many others on the market, at the same price or in the same colour, is the brand. If you trust something, you stick with it. Simple as that.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

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