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Finding a racebook website these days isn’t what you’d call a problem – there are dozens of the things popping up month after month. However, finding one that you can not only trust but know you’re getting the best possible shot at success is another thing altogether – these are a much rare breed to say the least.

The key is to know precisely what it is that makes a great racebook website in advance and set your sights on nothing less. So with this in mind, here’s a quick look at the five most important considerations to bear in mind when it comes to picking from the racebook sites on offer today:


Right off the bat, the most important thing of all to assess before going any further is whether the site is indeed allowed by law to be doing what it’s doing. Of course, you’re not expected to carry out a full study and reach this conclusion yourself – Lord knows you’d need some time – so it’s a case of weighing up what the site says about its legal status backed by the word of the unbiased reviewer. Or better still, only ever enter such sites via a trusted review site or resource that promotes nothing but 100% vetted and legal sites.

If you’re not totally convinced, go no further.

Bonus Offers

Some sites will try to tempt you in with a promise of a 100% bonus on your first deposit, some will offer you more in the region of 50% and some won’t offer you a penny. Don’t be blinded by the figures though as there are plenty of times when a racebook will come with just a 25% bonus offer upon opening the account, but then ups the ante with an ongoing weekly or monthly deal for those going the distance. So, weigh up what you plan to do and how long you plan to do it before choosing the best bonus for you.

Deposit and Withdrawal Rules

Kentucky DerbyA hugely important consideration and one you need to read up on… fully! A common scam on racebook sites is to only allow withdrawals if and when you’ve chalked up thousands of dollars in wins, which might not happen. Others don’t have pockets nearly as big as they claim and are therefore not able to guarantee payouts at all. As for others, they’ll blind you with so much jargon that by the time you’re done you’ll give up trying to get your money back and walk away.

Gaining access to what’s rightfully yours should be quick, easy and free from a million and one terms and conditions – don’t ever accept anything less in this crucial department.

Customer Support

What does it say about a racebook site if they don’t offer a direct-dial telephone number and a dedicated customer support team? The answer is not very much at all – clearly they have no interest in any of the problems you may encounter and would rather sit by and leave you to your own devices. It’s a simple black and white consideration – they either have great customer support that’s been proven, or you don’t go near them.


And finally, one thing that cannot be stressed enough in its importance is the consulting of as many unbiased racebook reviews as possible from those with no links to or affiliation with the service. It is absolutely crucial that you find out exactly how well or otherwise they have proved themselves as capable in a real-world setting. Be it from the customer’s point of view or that of a third-party professional resource that’s in no way connected with the racebook you’re looking at, you need to know that they’re good on their word and aren’t in the habit of letting people down.

It takes a little effort, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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Jack Sternfeld loves travelling and playing poker online. In his free time, he shares tips on online gambling through his guest blog posts.

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