The Sports Archives – Charter Fishing: It’s Not Just For The Boys Anymore!

Since the age of dinosaurs man has divided his time up into two activities:

  1. Fishing.
  2. Convincing his wife or girlfriend to let him go fishing.

But modern times have brought about a new reality for the fisherman who just can’t stay out of the water. Instead of fighting with your better half, why not employ a more intelligent approach. Get her hooked! I can hear the objections popping up like mole hills in my front yard: she won’t like it, fishing is my “boys” time, I tried to take her fishing but she hated it…the list goes on and on.

Let me squash some of these outdated excuses.

1.  She won’t like it. Really? How do you know? Have you ever offered to take her fishing with you? The truth is that more and more women not only enjoy fishing but are falling as deeply and madly in love with it as you have.

Woman with dolphin catch

Think about it…there was a time that women supposedly didn’t like football either, but come Sunday your wife is screaming at the television and smashing beer cans on her head just like the rest of your barbarian friends. So give her a chance before you unjustly assume that she won’t catch the fishing bug. Now, if you want to up your chances that she’ll enjoy herself on the first go, don’t invite her to join you in Bubba’s Bass Derby on Lake Stinky. Show her the crème de la crème of fishing experiences and take her to someplace like Key West for a true deep sea boat adventure. Check out the photos from Charter Boat Row or any other saltwater charter online and you’ll find lots of photos of women holding up their trophies for display. And we’re talking girlie girls, too!

Young woman angler with four red snapper

2.  Fishing is my “boys” time. Save your dirty words for “poker night.” Ask any man who has got his wife hooked on fishing and he’ll tell you how his life has improved tenfold. Sure, you’ll give up a little bit of your “boys” time, but once she’s in, she’ll be all-in. The next stop will be the Fishing Expo and the Boat Show and NOT the Garden Show. Plus, with your wife coming along, you and your buddies will undoubtedly eat much better, too! No more stale Pringles from Dave’s Jeep!

3.  I tried to take her fishing once but she hated it. Let me guess. You woke her up at 4am, it was freezing cold, and then she sat in an uncomfortable metal boat for 8 hours and caught a few trout that weren’t even big enough to keep? May I refer you back to “She won’t like it.” Take her to Key West for a truly world class fishing experience. Trust me, it really won’t be all that hard of a sell. There’s gorgeous weather, wonderful seafood restaurants, historical sites, and romantic scenery. Plus, if your wife is anything like mine, she was dying to be invited out on the boat for years but just didn’t want to ask.

Woman with Snoy Grouper

I am still a bit confused, you say. Why will she love fishing? For the same reasons you do! Fishing satisfies a primal urge and a day out on the water is never a day wasted; the wind in her hair and the sun in her face. The excitement that you feel as you haul your catch into the boat has nothing to do with your sex; her heart will be pounding at the first bite! There’s something about catching a fish and being in the great outdoors that can’t be replicated. So, before you sit her down and suggest a romantic Key West fishing honeymoon do-over, be forewarned that she’ll be raiding your tackle box and heading to the river when you get called in to work on a Saturday!

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By M.-J. Taylor

M.-J. Taylor writes lives in Key West where they all but invented deep sea fishing – and where the water and the weather is great for anglers year round.

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