The Sports Archives – Coach and Quarterback, Robert Griffin, on the Same Page

I don’t know if there is going to be a year in the near future without a mention of Redskins quarterback R.G.lll. Not to take away anything from the man’s talent, you must have a lot to get into the NFL, but we never hear much about him in NFL sports news. All we ever hear really about is how gung-ho is he is to play his position. Some people say that it seems as though he wants to re-write the quarterback position. All he seems to want to do though is play the way he feels that day.

Robert Griffin III

We have to remember that he does have talent at his position so he might just be able to pull off a spectacular year. If he doesn’t get hurt in the process that is, and he seems to be doing a lot of that. Maybe it’s just not in the man’s nature to practice restraint, but any veteran will tell you, especially at that position, that if you don’t pace yourself you’re not going to last very long in this league.  Maybe RG is the type of player who has to learn that the hard way.

He seems to have respect for the veterans in the league, so he doesn’t come across as a rogue player. He just can’t help himself I think, and only time will tell how that personality trait treats him in professional football.

One thing is certain though, and that’s the way Coach Mike Shanahan responds to it all.  The man has the patience of a saint. He obviously see’s something in RG that makes him remain patient through all of RG’s missteps and gung-ho attitude of always wanting to play through injuries. The Redskin organization has invested a lot of money into this young man so he might want to take that into consideration the next time he pressures Shanahan to play when it’s obvious to everyone else that he shouldn’t.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan

All in all though, you have to give Shanahan the benefit of the doubt. He’s a veteran of this league who did some really amazing things in Denver. The man has a lot of insight, he has an eye for talent and he knows how to utilize that talent in ways that win Championships. Many people have faith that he can do exactly that in Washington, but that he also has to really tighten the reins on RG.  NFL sports news maybe needs to start focusing more on this aspect instead of constantly singing RG’s praises that he’s this young stud who can really turn things around in D.C.

If anyone is going to do that it’s going to be Shanahan with his experience and patience. RG is capable of being of the same caliber, but he really does need to start paying more attention to the veterans and coaches like Shanahan. This Washington team has the potential to be really great in the coming years and both Shanahan and RG are the keys to this. It would be great to see them on the same page though.

This article was written by Albert Henderson, a sports enthusiast and writer.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

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