The Sports Archives – Klim’s Korner: Why Next Season Could Be Michael Vick’s Best!

Michael VickHe is one of the most controversial football players in history. He is one of the top duel threat quarterbacks in the NFL. Michael Vick has a new lease on life in Philadelphia. New coach, new contract, and a new offensive system. But personally I think that Michael Vick could have one of his best seasons ever. I see it as a very simple math equation: Michael Vick + Chip Kelly’s Zone Read option offense + LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown =  one of Vick’s best seasons ever.

Now I know that is a bold prediction, but consider the facts. Chip Kelly’s offense has been one of the most efficient and highest scoring in college football.  In 4 seasons at Oregon, the Ducks averaged 44.6 points per game. The key to all this will be the use of  a mobile quarterback like Vick, who takes the snap from the shotgun, “reads’ the defensive end, and if the end goes at the quarterback, Vick hands it off to the halfback (McCoy or Brown).  If the defensive end bites on the hand-off , Vick keeps it and runs.

This tactic will scare defenses so much that they will start playing the run more by moving up a safety and blitzing less. That will allow Vick to be able to throw the ball down field to the fastest receiver in football, DeSean Jackson or his other speedy receiver, Jeremy Maclin. Also Kelly could use Jackson like he used De’anthony Thomas, by playing him for quick screens, hand-offs, and end-arounds.

Yes, Washington and San Francisco ran similar offenses last year but what makes Philadelphia’ offense a different animal is that it is hurry-up no-huddle offense which means they will wear-out the defense even faster. This offense will keep Vick healthier because of Kelly’s run-heavy play calling. In 2012, the Ducks ran the ball 685 times for 4098 yards and 48 touchdowns and only passed the ball 373 times for 2888 yards, 35 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions and with a completion percentage of 67%. So even though Kelly’s offense is run-heavy they are extremely effective when throwing the ball.

In all, the marriage of Michael Vick and Chip Kelly’s offense will be beneficial to Vick. Also Kelly never had weapons like Jackson, Maclin, and McCoy at Oregon. So Eagles fans and NFL fans should be excited for next season.

Author: Jared Klim

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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