The Sports Archives – Klim’s Korner: A-Rod In Trouble Again?

A-Rod is in trouble again!

Alex RodriguezFor what you may ask… performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s)?  The answer is yes.  A-Roid has once again been linked to HGH and that is not surprising. He is older and he is losing his skills and has one of the biggest egos in baseball.   A place called Biogenesis was A-Rod’s supplier, a small medical clinic located extremely close to the University of Miami campus, was just a front for selling testosterone, HGH and other steroids. Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and Yasmani Grandal were among the players given 50 game suspensions last year for PED use and were also listed on the Biogenesis PED records. Former MVP, Ryan Braun was on the list, even after the whole episode where he denied using PED’s last year in the off-season.

It makes you really wonder what is going to happen to Major League Baseball. In my opinion the game will be fine. Yes, guys use steroids and PED’s but they are almost always caught. Even if not all players are tested, it’s pretty easy to identify who is using PED’s. Just look at their numbers and you are bound to see spikes in their stats. I have two very good examples.

Melky Cabrera in 2010.

Melky CabreraMelky played 147 games he averaged .795 hits per game with a minuscule 4 home runs 42 RBI’s and a batting avg. of .255.  In 2012 he only played 113 games he had 1.4 hits per game and had 11 homeruns 60 RBI’s and a .346 batting average.  That was a major jump.

Alex Rodriguez in 2001.

Alex Rodriguez who has been in the news a lot recently because of his PED use. When A-Rod left Seattle in 2000, he had hit 41 homeruns with a career high of 42. When he got to Texas in 2001, where he supposedly took PED’s, his homeruns spiked to 52 in 2001, and 57 in 2002. So it was obvious when they were busted to look back and see the connection.

So in the future baseball players should start to realize that they will be caught. And if there is suspicion that they took steroids they almost certainly will be denied entry to Cooperstown by the majority of baseball writers, as we saw earlier this year with Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

Author:  Jared Klim

Video Credit:     ABCNews
Photo Credits:   Wikipedia

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