The Sports Archives – Dwayne Johnson’s New Rock Solid Body Stirs Speculation!

There has been recent discussion over Dwayne Johnson‘s freakish post-Wrestlemania build, while filming his upcoming movie “Pain and Gain”, co-starring Mark Wahlberg.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson, who competed in a high-profile main event match against WWE flagship star John Cena at the April 2nd Wrestlemania event, sported a lean and agile frame that allowed him to work his match as if he were still a regular on the WWE roster. He made a brief appearance the following night on Monday Night War to declare that his new vision was to challenge for and regain the WWE world title. But The Rock’s announcement was quickly forgotten as former UFC champion Brock Lesnar returned to the organization after an eight year hiatus on the same program. The Rock has not been seen on WWE programming since.

Although it was expected for The Rock to fall off the WWE radar again in order to resume his A-list Hollywood career, it was a recent photo that began to stir the pot of controversy, as it appears that in less than a month’s time, Johnson has physically blown up in size.
Sure, it’s Hollywood – but some have questioned whether or not The Rock has resorted to using some sort of steroid enhancement to achieve such mass in a short period of time. Many bodybuilders have declared that it is in fact possible to gain such body and muscle mass with the proper diet, workout routine and strict training. Yet others feel it is too much, too soon.

Pain and Gain is directed by Michael Bay, director of such Hollywood blockbusters as Bad Boys 1 & 2, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and the wildly popular and profitable Transformers franchise. In the currently filming movie Pain and Gain, Johnson and Mark Wahlberg star as a pair of Florida bodybuilders who get mixed up in an extortion and kidnapping plot that goes wrong. The film is scheduled for release in the spring of 2013.

While there is no legal repercussion for what an actor must go through in order to prepare for a role, one must wonder if Johnson was removed from WWE programming so that a reason wouldn’t be needed to explain his rapid physical growth. The real concern is whether or not Johnson has been dabbling in performance enhancers solely for the purpose of the film. If so, it would be regarded as a violation to the WWE’s wellness policy.

Take a look at the photo yourself and come to your own conclusion. If you were to ask me, it looks like The Rock is living up to his name when they say “you are what you eat”, and with as body like that, it looks like he’s been eating nothing but rocks!

DieHard Derek has been actively involved in the pro wrestling industry since 1992. Wrestling fans have the ability to interact with him and discuss the industry through his various  DieHard Wrestling social media accounts and his popular pro wrestling blog.

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4 Responses to The Sports Archives – Dwayne Johnson’s New Rock Solid Body Stirs Speculation!

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  3. Johnny C says:

    It’s photoshopped. Obviously. Take a look at him then, now, etc., and then look at this picture. He’s never looked like that.
    People are so damn stupid. There should be a license required to speak one’s opinion on ANYTHING.

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