The Sports Archives – The Business of College Sports

Despite its stated purpose as an amateur endeavor, the world of college sports is run incredibly similarly to a big business. The score of college sports is littered with multimillion dollar television contracts, monumental coach salaries, and even billions of dollars wagered on events like March Madness. In 2010, the combined revenue for every sport in Division I-A was over $6.2 billion, making college sports larger than the economies of several countries. Despite this, the collegiate athletes, those who are bringing in all this money, are not allowed to see a dime of it.

The three biggest cash cow sports in the collegiate world are football, men’s basketball, and hockey. On average, college football alone brings in $22.8 million worth of revenue every year for each participating school, more than all the other sports combined. However, powerhouse schools like Texas and Auburn bring in over $75 million and sometimes close to $100 million. Men’s basketball places a distant second, bringing in 6.8 million dollars a year.

From: Top Business Degrees

College Sports Infographic

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