The Sports Archives – When Is Prince Albert Going to Hit Again?

Albert Puljols April 2012 StatsWhat’s wrong with Albert Pujols? That’s what Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans have been wondering after the first month of his first season with the team.  Here are his fantasy baseball 2012 numbers after April – a .217/.265/.304 slash line, with just four runs batted in. The most shocking thing about Albert Pujols’ numbers? He had no home runs going into May. None. Zilch. That’s stunning, given his reputation and his career history. You have to go back to when Pujols was a rookie in order to find him having as bad a month. Could changing teams – and leagues – make that much of a difference?

When it comes to fantasy baseball, Albert Pujols did finally lose his spot this winter as being the top pick – he was picked third in most leagues. Now he is giving fantasy owners who have him as their fantasy baseball first baseman agita, because his numbers have been so putrid.

Come to think of it, imagine what angst the Angels must be having about Albert Pujols’ start, given how much they agreed to pay him over the next 10 years — $240 million! The Angels finished April in last place, in no small part due to Pujols’ poor start. That’s quite the price to pay for lackluster results.

Probably the only people happy about Pujols’ scary-bad April numbers might be St. Louis Cardinals fans – he spurned the team in order to take more money from the Angels. Nothing feels better for a fan than seeing their traitor fall into shambles when deserting them. Cardinals fans seeing Pujols batting average plummet is akin to Cavaliers fans watching LeBron James buckle under the pressure of the fourth quarter.

So, if you have Albert Pujols as your fantasy baseball first baseman, what should you do? Nothing, for now – dropping him from your fantasy league could be a huge mistake. There is plenty of time in fantasy baseball 2012 for him to turn it around. Tossing him too early could very well be a much regrettable move.

Whether or not Albert Pujols will still be great 10 years from now or even five years from now is an open question – the Angels may very well rue paying him that sort of money. But for now, Pujols is still one of the top first baseman in baseball – and top players – in the game, slow start and all. So don’t even think about dumping him just yet.

Lisa Swan is a weekly sports writer for DraftStreet, a leading source for free and for pay fantasy sports leagues.

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