The Sports Archives – NFL Champions’ Secret to Success!

Bill Belichick - 8/28/2009

Bill Belichick – 8/28/2009

At the NFL level, everyone has talent and athletic ability but to rise above and be successful takes a little bit more. Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots know what it takes to be NFL champions.  They’ve won three Super Bowls. They have the longest winning streak in the NFL with 21 games. They hammered the New York Jets on Thanksgiving Day 2012 49-19. The Patriots put up 35 points in the second quarter; 21 of the points came in under 60 seconds.

Tim Tebow knows what it takes to be a champion. He helped turn around the Denver Broncos’ 2011-2012 season, and led them to the playoffs. After the season they traded him to the Jets where he is having difficulty. He fractured two ribs against the Seattle Seahawks, and did not play in the game against the Patriots.

As quarterback at the University of Florida he won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore year, 2007. He helped the Gators win the BCS National Championship in 2006. As the starting quarterback in 2008, he led them to another National Championship. He holds 5 NCAA, 14 SEC and 28 University of Florida records. He did great in college, but he hasn’t reached his full potential in the NFL.

To be successful in the NFL, players and teams need to know success. The Patriots know they can win. This gives them confidence to overcome obstacles. They don’t doubt themselves at pivotal points during the game. The Detroit Lions haven’t grasped this concept yet. They lost on Thanksgiving Day to the Houston Texans in overtime 34 to 31. The Lions had a number of opportunities to win the game, but couldn’t lock it in.

In the third quarter a bad call by the officials helped the Texans get a touchdown. It’s part of the game. A successful team overcomes obstacles. The Lions have had many difficult seasons, including 2008 with a 0-16 record. Three years later they made the playoffs. To make it to the Super Bowl, they need a successful attitude. They haven’t figured out yet, they actually can beat their opponents. They need to mentally see themselves successful on each and every play, and not tailgating in the parking lot.

Tim Tebow with Denver.

Many players like Tim Tebow, have trouble making the transition from college to the NFL. In order to succeed, players must be willing to learn. Tebow can succeed and be an NFL champion. He has a winning attitude, rigorous work ethics, and tremendous athletic ability. To do it, he must listen to the coach and try new things.

NFL Champions’ secret to success is confidence in knowing they can complete the play successfully. It also involves learning, working hard and listening to the coach.

Article by Wayne Wolfe.

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