The Sports Archives – Giving the Gift of Fandom!

Giving the Gift of Fandom this Holiday!

Fandom, or the act of supporting one’s team, is rarely something that can be given. Fathers can pass along the love of a sport to his kids, respect of a university is often earned while earning a degree. Otherwise, one’s support has to be earned by a team – no matter how impressive they may be. But once said connection has been made, overtaking that respect is a hard-earned battle.

When it comes to supporting that fan-ish behavior, however, the idea can more than be given – as a Christmas present, birthday gift, or just a thinking-of-you memento. Think about it, how often has a Packers fan not rejoiced at the thought of a cheese hat? When do Kansas State fans not love the sound of “EMAW”? And when do Bronco followers hate the combination of orange and navy? The more merchandise that is obtained, the stronger this bond becomes.

However, there is a large-scale of what fans will and will not consider sacred. Clothes come and go, and posters become outdated. But those items that truly served part in historic events, they are priceless – unless you’re giving as a gift, that is. In which case, make your best offer. This holds true for thousands of historic pieces sold each year, including James Naismith’s founding rules of basketball, which date back to 1891 and were obtained for more than $4 million in recent times.

Items such as these, floorboards from the Lakers’ former home court, a signed Andre Agassi tennis ball, the bat which caused George Brett’s infamous Pine Tar Incident – are all ones sports fans hold dear. Even if one wasn’t there for the event, who can forget the game in which a two-scoring home run was negated because of gripping assistance? Taking place in 1983, the game was eventually replayed, allowing the Royals to overcome the Yankees in a 5-4 game.

George Brett's Pine Tar Bat

George Brett’s Pine Tar Bat

And while not every piece can be obtained, Christmas present or not, chances are there’s a book or brochure outlining the event. To some, this is just as important as the item, as it explains the importance behind it.

While fandom is something that can rarely be forced, memorabilia is a great way to grow and support one’s love of a game. Consider giving the gift of nostalgia the next time a sports fan comes to mind.

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