The Sports Archives – Sports Memorabilia – Decoration and Pride!

Sports Memorabilia – Decoration and Pride

Babe Ruth Steel CardDisplaying our accomplishments has long since been a practiced tradition. From diplomas, to awards, to trophies, we hang the items that are most important to us. Oftentimes, these achievements aren’t even our own. As sports popularity has continued to grow across the country, so has the significance of displaying one’s (second-hand) awards. Whether that be hanging wallpaper that displays a mascot, purchasing part of a disassembled basketball court, or having a personal item signed, the practice lingers on.

For some, though, the significance of an item is merely personal. Their team might have had a losing season (or multiple losing seasons), and the plaque that your office or mantle displays is purely sentimental. Others might have replicas of an important item, such as stadium seats. Companies then make copies so that a seat can be obtained at a lower price.

Finally, however, there’s a third form of collector – one who actually spends money, big money, on the sports items they desire. For instance, Babe Ruth, who was sold by the Boston Red Sox for a mere $100,000, used a bat that sold for $1.265 million. Made famous in 1923, the bat helped earn Ruth the first home run of Yankee Stadium.

Surprisingly, however, according to Forbes, the 10 most expensive sports pieces everMark McGwire all hail from baseball. Five of those items having belonged to The Babe himself (the cheapest of which went for just over $657k), spot number one goes to Mark McGwire. In 1998, his 70th home run baseball sold for $3,005,000.

While who is the owner of these funds is unsure, it’s safe to say that sales like these prove fans’ dedication. Whether you own a coffee cup of your favorite team or a collectable worth millions, don’t be afraid to show off just how important your team’s décor has become.

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