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Staying on top of your workout schedule keeps your mind and body healthy. However, it requires a lot of discipline and commitment that may be challenging to maintain on your own.

You’ll need a workout buddy for the bad days because, after all, no man should be an island, even at the gym. But before you can ask for a good gym buddy, here are tips to help you become a better workout partner and make the most out of every sweat.

Be Honest

If you want to become a better gym partner, honesty is the best policy. For example, if your partner seems to be overtraining, it is better to be open about it. Sugarcoating and hiding the mistakes will only worsen the situation when they find out later you weren’t open with them.

Be present during their workout and let them know when to straighten their back or bend their knees more.

Be Accountable

Nobody wants a gym buddy that skips leg days for no reason at all. In fact, having a gym buddy that is unreliable will break the routine you’ve tried so hard to maintain. So do not be that gym partner.

When you are a good partner, you will feel guilty about letting your partner down, and if the circumstances are unavoidable, it will be for the right reasons. And better, the extra level of accountability will be an added advantage for you.

Like Charges Attract

When it comes to getting a workout buddy, it better be someone with the same interests as you. It is easy to maintain the workout routine and stick to it together with a partner with the same goals.

You both can decide on the muscle recovery supplements you want to use and purchase together. You can also hire a trainer for both of you and work together. The benefit of this is that it will reduce the cost that you would have otherwise spent on your own.

Celebrate Big and small wins

Simple words of kindness and appreciation go a long way. It may not openly show, but it is essential to appreciate your partner when they attain the small goals you set together. For instance, if your gym partner wanted to get to a certain weight, and they do, a congratulatory note or text will make them feel motivated to go even further.

If they feel tired and do not have any motivation to go on, your encouragement will help them reignite and vice versa.


There will often be exercises or gym equipment you will shy away from, but when you have a gym buddy you are good to, you are more likely to explore and try out new activities together.

As obvious as it may seem, working out with a friend or making new friendships at the gym is a great way to spend more time together. It will make your experiences easier and bearable.

With this in mind, use the tips on this article to practice being a good gym buddy and be sure to receive the same effort from your partner.

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